• Hi all,

    I have just bought the game and read the instructions. No game has been played yet because I had many doubts…most of them have been solved in this great forum.

    I still have one (is more a request for confirmation than a doubt, but)…regarding air units. If I choose to attack a land unit with, say, a bomber, do I have to include the regions after the attack that I need to go through to land in the total range of the bomber? I.e. bombers have range 6. Suppose I attack a region 3 spaces away. The bomber moves, attacks, survives any AA or land attack, and then comes back to its original base. Total move: 6. Is this correct?

    Another one: air units ignore hostile forces on territories. Including other air units? Suppose the example above but let’s say in territory #2 enemy has a couple of fighters. Can my bomber just go through unharmed? Does it have to stop and fight the airplanes?


    Santiago, very noob general.

  • Yes, you’re correct.  An aircraft’s movement is the maximum allowed for the sum of combat and non-combat moves in a turn.  Also, you’re right that you can ignore enemy aircraft along the way.

  • So, air units finish their moves in the non-combat phase? Didn’t notice that. I thought they did the attack and movement in the combat phase if they were attacking.

  • Official Q&A

    You’re correct, air units do finish their movement in the combat phase after attacking.

    However, there’s a very popular set of variant rules called Larry Harris Tournament Rules (LHTR) in which air units act differently.  Most folks around here use these rules (in which air units finish their movement in the noncombat movement phase), thus Uffishbongo’s answer.  I recommend that you have a look at them, as they solve a few problems with the rules that come with the game.

  • Yes, thanks, I knew about LHTR but didn’t look at it yet. I was trying to game OOB.

    But after a quick glance at LHTR I changed of idea. This variant rules clarifies A LOT of situations and doubts I had.

    Seems that (correct me if I am wrong) under OOB rules planes attack and move on move combat phase (and thus can be attacked by AA on their way back).

    Under LHTR, planes complete moves on non-combat movement phase and cannot be attacked by AA.

    Is that alright?

    Thanks again…

  • Official Q&A

    Yes, that’s correct.  Actually, under the box rules AA fires whenever planes move over them, whether in combat or noncombat movement.

  • Another plane question:

    If Britain takes a territory in a round, can America land its planes on it in their turn? Or must all allied air units wait until Britain has actually held the territory a round. I noticed on Gleemax its the former rule that applies. So for example Britain takes Western Europe, on America’s turn can they land their planes there?

  • Yes, that is the way it works.

    You can land Fighters or Bombers in any territory your alliance held at the start of your move.

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