New to A&A. Combat rules question…..

  • A friend of mine and I are arguing over the interpretation of the attack/defend rules of basic combat. In the instructions it says to roll for all units with the same attack or defend value at the same time. Does this mean if I have 10 infantry units I roll one die for all ten or do I roll for each unit individually (10 Die)?

    My thought was that if you roll one die for multiple units with low attack value (infantry), it keeps their offensive value low (making battle more realistic), but rewards large numbers of infantry units by awarding many hits on a successful attack/defend roll.
    It seems a bit weird that a few infantry troops could very easily take out an equal number of  tanks.

    Lemme know your thoughts. Official rules first, but favorite house rules welcome.

  • You roll 1 Die for each unit.
    So with 10 inf you will roll 10 dice. The reward in the big stack of inf is that you have 1 dice to roll and so more chance on a hit then if you just roll 1 die.

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