• 2007 AAR League

    Okay, we’ve covered Russia pretty thoroughly, thanks to Newpaintbrush, Jenn., Switch and others.  Now let’s talk about Germany.  This time, to preempt the argument about “what about the capital”, we’ll include Germany, at #1 obviously.  South Europe must be #2 because, if S.Europe falls for good, Germany is surely toast in 1-2 turns.  Beyond that, I’ll let the list do the talking:

    1.  Germany – 'nuff said
    2.  S.Europe – gateway to Berlin
    3.  E.Europe – launching pad for Operation Barbarossa
    4.  Ukraine – best path to Moscow
    5.  Caucuses – best destination on the way to Moscow (I hear the beach is nice.  8-))
    6.  W.Euro. – economy booster
    7.  W.Russia – it’s hard to reach, but controlling this territory means you have Russia by the short hairs!
    8.  Karelia – holding this territory stems the flow of Allied reinforcements, if only temporarily
    9.  Balkans – income, proximity to capital
    10. Belorussia – income

    Honorable mention: 
    England – if Sea Lion opportunity arises (which is rare), it cannot be ignored.
    Egypt – good early boost to income, and holding it closes the Suez to any British fleet in the Indian Ocean.

    IMO, 1 through 5 are hard to argue.  I can see some debate on 6-10, especially the relative merits of W.Europe, W.Russia and Karelia.  If you are playing a minor victory game, then Karelia may be more important.

    Thoughts?  Provocative arguments?  Anyone want to make a case for Norway?

  • i would switch Karelia with Caucasus.  Holding Karelia gives you income and position (keeping allies at bay: Archangel and Norway).

    Caucasus is good, but a later, hope to take target… especially against a KGF allied game plan so prevalent in Revised.

  • I would put Egypt at around 7 or 8 on that list.  Closes the Suez, and if Germany owns it firmly it probably owns the rest of Africa as well.  Algeria sneaks onto my list because, while it doesn’t provide much active benefit, losing it means that the Allies have a foothold toards Europe or Africa.

    Karelia and Norway are too hard to hold, and the Balkans and Belorussia are more often behind the front lines than not.

    W. Europe comes above Caucus - you can stand to lose Caucus, but not W. Europe.

    Everything else on the OPs list I pretty much agree with.  My list therefore looks like this:

    1.  Germany
    2.  S. Europe
    3.  E. Europe
    4. Ukraine
    5. W. Europe
    6. Caucuses
    7. Egypt
    8. West Russia
    9. Karelia
    10. Algeria


  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Sea Zone 12, Sea Zone 5?  Did you not include them because you don’t want to factor in naval territories, or because they slipped your attention?

    Egypt I would definately put in.

    Let’s for go listing the Capitals of any nations, they’re a given.

    1.  Ukraine
    2.  Caucasus
    3.  E. Europe
    4.  Karelia
    5.  SZ 5
    6.  W. Europe
    7.  SZ 12/13 (You’d be surprised how important it is to prevent America from going in here!)
    8.  Egypt
    9.  Balkans
    10. S. Europe

    I listed the last two last because if you are fighting to get either of those back, the game’s pretty much lost.

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