• So, I thought this one would be interesting. It’s pretty self explanatory, I’ll give a quick run down on why I chose those nine, some i took more seriously than others.

    Caucasus: it’s worth four points, has an IC on it, is an often necessary steppign stone for Germany, and links the Middle East and Asia to Russia’s doorstep. This one was a no brainer.

    Anglo-Egypt: It seems to be an incredibly pivotal territory in first turn moves, although I noticed there isn’t much focus on that in subsequent turns, for better or worse for either side. Very interesting.

    Western Europe: C’mon, it’s Western Europe, it’s easy to trap Germany resources here pointlessly, and is a major stepping stone for the US especially. Overall a crucial territory. Also worth alot.

    4. India: My personal pick, Britain can really hold Japan’s expansion by making a stand in India, and if JApan gets ahold of it, can mean the end of Africa.

    5. French Indo-China: Japan’s launching point into India, point of support towards Sinkiang and North Eastern Russia, and the amphibious jumpoff point for Japanese naval advances towards Africa and Australia. Overall a very popular place for a Japanese IC, and very useful for an offensive Japan.

    6. Australia: I didn’t think this one was that important, and I don’t get why it’s so valuable to Britain, or Japan, though I do recognize with 3 infantry stacked there it’s hard for Japan to logistically take the island and make it worth it. Why it’s a good pick, I dunno, but some people on the boards seem pretty zealous about it, so okay.

    7. Norway: I like this one, it’s Britain’s first step into Europe, it’s a great place for Germany to dump off planes, and it’s a safe money grab for Russia should Britain fall. It’s the only German territory (outside of Africa) that can probably be taken without fear of counter attack. And as recently discussed, I think a US IC here would be devestating to Germany.

    8. Algeria: Another not-so-hot pick, but important none the less, America’s first stepping stone to Africa, and subsequently Germany, and valuable Allied airbase if used correctly (for say… bombing), and possibly a point of strong German defence.

    9. Southern Europe: I don’t like this pick much, but it seems too important a territory not to mention. I just think that when Southern Europe falls the game is over anyway. Up to you.

    10. Gibralter: Uhhh… Well you can land Allied planes on it in a pinch… And it frustrates the Germans, and may tie up German assets if they decide to capture it… If you put an Allied Anti-Aircraft gun on it you can strategically bomb German factories… I dunno what I’m talking about, I just think Gibralter is funny on principle.

    11. Throw something at me!

  • Ukraine.

    Control of it sets the tone for Europe.  If it is being traded, that is a pretty normal exchange between Germany and Russia.  If Russia takes and holds it, they are at great advantage over Germany.  If Germany is holding it, then Russia is defending their core and likely not a real threat to Germany.

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    Since none of my choices were listed….

    As Switch said for Ukraine, I follow the same arguement (in reverse) for Caucasus.

    Once Caucasus falls permanently to either axis power, Russia’s days are numbered.

  • Someone actually voted for Norway, I’d really love to hear the reasoning for this. I mean yeah I think it’s valuable, but the most important? Very interesting…

  • Once Caucasus falls permanently to either axis power, Russia’s days are numbered.

    So that’s why you’re not playing our game at FOE.  Since you’ve lost Caucasus, Russia’s days are numbered.  🙂

    Actually, I think EEur is a key territory.  As long as Germany holds or can contest EEur, Germany is still in the game and can hold off the Allies until Japan can take out Russia.

    The other important territory is Egypt.  Whoever gets there in force first holds dominance over Africa and the extra IPCs that make success in a long game possible.


  • If Germany is already trading EE, they are pretty much already toast.

  • @ncscswitch:

    If Germany is already trading EE, they are pretty much already toast.

    Not if they’re trading it in force with Ukraine.

    Germany can move the bulk of its forces between EEur and Ukraine, alternately threatening annihilation of any forces in Karelia or Caucasus.  Meanwhile, the Allies cannot shuttle infantry back and forth between Karelia and Caucasus and may be forced to retreat from one or the other.  Only if the Allies have built up a sufficient force of UK and Russian armor and Allied fighters can they hope to hold both Karelia and Caucasus.


  • In that limitted case, I might agree, pending the ability and location option of UK landings (if SZ5 is clear, and Russia is in Eastern, Germany is in DEEP kimchee)

  • It does depend on the relative strength of the Axis and Allied forces and how far Japan has progressed.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Egypt is the Linchpin for control of Africa.  Intially the battles for control are between Germany & UK/US but in later rounds it’s the battleground for allied forces coming through algeria & japanese forces coming through the middle east.  In addition control of the suez usually hinges on who contols Egypt.  Control of the suez is a strategic assest for the side that controls it, especially Japan.  Denial of the suez (neither side controls both egypt and tj) is the second best option and favors the allies, which usually means they need to control egypt.

  • @Squash:

    So, I thought this one would be interesting. It’s pretty self explanatory, I’ll give a quick run down on why I chose those nine, some i took more seriously than others.

    11. Throw something at me!

    (throws crack pipe)

    No, no, it’s not self explanatory at all.  Let me say in advance that I’m sure you’re VERY aware of everything I’m about to write; I am just stating these things clearly to bring these points to the fore.

    What territory is “the most important” is going to change throughout the game.  You yourself mentioned that early on, Anglo-Egypt “seems to be an incredibly pivotal territory in first turn move” (which I completely agree with), but that late game, “there isn’t much focus on that in subsequent turns, for better or worse for either side” (which I also agree with).

    Simply put, which territory is “key” is going to change depending on WHAT TURN IT IS, and also WHAT STRATEGIES ARE EMPLOYED.

    Let’s say that I’m going to do infantry/artillery for G1 and G2 and switch to tanks G3 and G4.  The idea is to do infantry mass at Germany(G1-G2) to E. Eur (G2-G3) to Ukraine (G3-G4) to Caucasus (G4-G5) to Russia (G5-G6).  Tank mass at Germany (G3-G4) hits Ukraine (G4-G5) to Russia (G5-G6).  WOAH, see how the infantry/artillery and tanks hit at the same time?  sexy.  (yeah, Germany can use S. Eur transports or reroute the attack through Belorussia/Karelia or pull the West Russia/Caucasus threat.  Whatever.  This is the short version.)  Anyways, key late game is clearly whatever territory is being threatened by Germany.  But WHAT that territory is can easily change.  Say that Germany has a fat Ukraine stack, and Russia must decide between W. Russia and Caucasus.  So say Russia decides to pull back from W Russia and Germany takes W Russia and Japan flies fighters in to W Russia.  Now Russia can’t take W. Russia back, and German tanks are threatening Moscow, so Caucasus must be abandoned to protect Russia.  So Germany moves into Caucasus because maybe Russia is too hard to immediately crack with US and UK fighters.

    So what was the KEY territory there?  Ukraine?  Because Germany couldn’t launch the attack without it.  Or was it West Russia/Caucasus?  Because Russia had to defend one or other of those key territories.  Or was it Russia?  Because Caucasus had to be abandoned for Russia?  Or was it Karelia/Archangel/Belorussia?  Because trading those territories successfully means depleted German threat to Ukraine/Caucasus early game.

    I submit that there WAS no SINGLE key territory.

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  • Huh, I like you. You used whatever in an A&A forum, and you like chinese food, both awesome. Good observations, and compelling example, but not the point. This is a semi-goofy thread for fun, and the point is to generalize. Yeah, for an individual game, the territorial importance depends on the strategies employed, but I’m not talking about individual games, I’m talking about the wider game of Axis and Allies in general. And I’m asking you: the players. Which are most important to you? Again, in GENERAL.

  • @Squash:

    Huh, I like you. You used whatever in an A&A forum, and you like chinese food, both awesome.

    only cat terrorists support Chinese food. 😢 i can tell you don’t live in the south. You would think if someone could make Chinese food in the north they could do it in the south.Iindia is the best beacuse it means the allies get to give Japan a free factory. 🙂

  • Still trying to figure out how chicken wings are Chinease Food.  Never saw them on a buffet up north, but damn, you can;t go to a southern chinease food buffet and not ahve fried chicken wings…

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  • I’d submit the deadly combo of West Russia and/ or Kazahk, the Russian backside equivalent. Both of these territories command both Russia and the Caucasus. Typically both can’t be defended. If Germany gets embedded in W Russia, or Japan gets its meathooks in Kazahk, you’re looking at a puddle of pee under the Allied player’s seat.

  • Moderator

    I’d probably vote for WRus.

    As 88 points out the Wrus/Kaz occupation is a game ender.

    Wrus commands all of Europe.
    While Ukr is nice, it does not necessarily force a retreat for your opponent.
    The Allies still could face a giant stack in EE and the Axis have to deal with Allied stack in Wrus and Cauc or possbily Kar.

    If the Allies hold WRus they can go from Kar to Cauc with ease, can control Arch as well and still put immense pressure on Ukr, shuffle troops to Mos.

    But if the Axis hold Wrus (assuming Japan is playing up to par), that should force the Allies out of Cauc and deadzone Kar and Arch as well, cutting off Moscow.

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