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    Ok I have two games complete now.  Both as Germany.  I the first I got lucky and managed a surprize Sea Lion.  In the second Germany soared like a lead Zeplin.

    I am curious what the observaions are of anyone here has played this game.  So far Germany seems realy tough to play and I haven’t worked out a balanced “Grand Strategy”  I have discoverd several key weak points most of which have not been noticed by the rest of my group.

    It seems to me the western wall is extreemly hard to hold after the second turn (1942 start).  Africa seems to be too costly for the benefit.  In the games I have played the US sends 30 IPC a turn on average to the USSR, while pushing 10 Inf per turn in to Europe starting on turn two.

    I will be looking forward to my first game as the allies in a couple weeks and will get a look at someone elses ideas for Germany.  In the mean time I am interested in any observations others have made.

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    Germany needs to keep buying subs and keep its baltic fleet intact. unification of Italian and German fleets is possible ( much more so than in AAR)

    On G1 you need to take out british fleet, except the carrier which is too far for most of your units.

    keep building a few subs and one destroyer and the rest men ( mostly) with tanks for east

    also if Germany goes really strong they can prevent uk from building any ships by occupation and blockade of all sea zones.

    this is much easier to do than you may think.

    for Japan you need to build a larger fleet, because the Americans can build faster. That is why Japan needs the extra so they can compete an extra turn. You can also occupy the west coast sea zone and prevent Americans from building.

    its basically the same idea in milton bradley edition.

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    In this last game, I did take out the brit fleet spectacularly, no losses, then the british used everything they had and sunk every thing I had and built a carrier.  That left me with a transport in the baltic and the UK with 2 ACs + a couple DDs in the atlantic.  He was landing by turn 3.

    Japan had no one to fight with his ship, because the US evacuated anything that was still floating after J1 to the atlantic.

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    when you take out the british fleet make sure all your ships are used, and make sure your building like 5 subs and 1-2 destroyers. You need to take out the british around gibralter so they dont get to use them in the battle, and have less fodder. have your planes in france so you can dispatch them on round two, which saves your fleet because your air force is larger than UK. That results in one round and that will never be enough to kill your fleet.

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    I supose if I had built ships it would have made a difference.  I may give that a shot next time I play Germany.  It looks like I will be playing an ally this time though…

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