Great War in Afrika: Expansion for Great War

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    Here is a look at a new map which can be used along with 1914 to continue the conflict to Africa. It’s purpose is actually an expansion that will be offered when the base game comes out.

    I will post the rules latter, but for now you can buy some sticky paper and white sheets of cardboard and get a nifty 20x25.5 map. version Great War Afrika final.pdf?dl=0

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    Starting Setup:

    South West Afrika: 1 infantry
    Togo: 1 Infantry
    German East Afrika:  Bismarkburg- 1 Infantry, Dar- Es-Salaam- 3  Infantry, 1 Cavalry, 1 Artillery, 1 Destroyer, 1 Transport, and 1 submarine. (In Mombass). Urundi- I Infantry
    Kamerun: 2 Infantry, 1 Artillery, 1 Cavalry and 1 Destroyer (in Batunga)
    Ubangi-Shari: 1 Infantry.

    Nigeria: 1 Infantry
    Gold Coast: 1 Infantry
    Egypt: 1 Infantry, 1 Cavalry, 1 Armored Car
    British East Africa: 1 Infantry
    Bechuanaland: 1 Infantry
    Pretoria: 1 Infantry
    South Africa: 2 Infantry, 1 Cavalry, 1 Artillery, 1 transport, 1 Cruiser, 1 Destroyer
    ( Capetown)
    Sea Zone #10: 1 Transport, 1 Destroyer
    Sea Zone #9: 1 Transport

    Algeria: 1 Infantry
    French Equatorial Africa: 1 Infantry
    French Guinea: 1 Infantry
    Morocco: 1 Infantry
    Dakar: 1 Destroyer, 1 Transport.

    Belgian Congo: 3 infantry (One on each area)
    Angola: 2 Infantry (One on each area)
    Abyssinia: 3 Natives
    Italian Somaliland: 1 Infantry
    Mozambique: 1 Infantry
    Namibe: 1 Infantry, 1 Cavalry
    Rio De Oro: 1 Infantry, 1 Cavalry

    some rules ( even if you play using 1914 rules)

    Land Units attempting to pass into or out of the desert need to roll for survivability. Infantry rolling a D6 are lost if they roll a 5-6. If they are moving into or thru originally occupied desert territories they can pass unless they roll a 6. Non- infantry units pass but only at the rate of 1 space per turn (they don’t need to roll). Cavalry are exempt from survivability rolls and can move two spaces. Also, each land unit that remains in Desert territories have to roll to avoid effects of supply shortage avoiding a 6 result keeps them being removed from play.

    Nations such as those not owned by a European colonial Empire ( Guinea, Liberia, Abyssinia) and all areas that do not have a direct IPC value  including Sahara Desert territories and all original territories do have a potential intrinsic military value. Each time such an area is attacked the owning player (opposing player) rolls a D6 1-3 means there are indigenous forces equal to what was rolled and 4-6 means no additional forces at this time. As long as you garrison your newly captured territories you don’t have to roll for native attacks. If the enemy recaptured it from you then a new roll will have to occur. These forces will now be regarded as Natives which each attack and defend at 1 and can move one territory. Natives can never be used to attack neutral territories but can defend your newly captured territories or fight your original enemies.

    Plunder: The first time a territory with an IPC value is taken that player rolls a D4 and receives the immediate income to be used to raise new troops or equipment that turn. The items are placed in your original home territories at the end of your turn even if you just won this territory during your turn. Territories on the top row of the map that are also represented on the European map are not subject to plunder.

    The German player can build Askaris, which are 1-1-1 units costing 2 IPC up to the limit of original German IPC on the map (Germany starts with 6 IPC so it can build up to six of them

    The Cruisers are 2-2-4 units
    Destroyers are 1-2-4 units
    Submarines 1-2-4 units
    Armored Cars are: 2-2-2-5
    Cavalry are: 1-2-2-4 units
    No tanks can be built

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    this is a dropbox link, apparently some people don’t like mediafire. no problem

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