• Like many people I am trying to develop a cold war goes hot game set roughly around 1980 for the Global 1940 board. I need help with a few details however. First, I was wondering what to do about the large number of reserves/para military forces many nations had. Second, how should nations that were allied to the USSR and US, but probably would not have joined World War 3 be represented. Then any help with the amount of men and equipment equal to a game piece would be greatly appreciated. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. 😄

  • Using actual historical force levels and translating them into actual game pieces may be too difficult. Say the US starts with the 4 divisions of the US Army in West Germany, which are opposed say by 20 Soviet divisions. You set a fixed ratio (4 div = 1 armor and 1 mech piece) but in reality Soviet divisions were estimated to be smaller when compared to their Western counterparts.
    You may want to have a look at the relative strengths and disposition of units to have an idea of their placement but it largely depends on what you’ll want to happen during the initial rounds.

  • So essentially what you are saying is to use the amount of troops and equipment a nation has as a guide instead of the number of divisions, such as 1,500 tanks equals 1 armor unit? Also since many nations had mechanized infantry as standard should the mechanized infantry unit be taken out for countries with mechanized forces as standard, like the US and USSR, with it still available to countries without a totally mechanized force?

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    I strongly recommend that you consult James Dunnigan’s book “How to Make War: A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Warfare for the Post-Cold War Era”.  It’s designed for use by wargamers and it’s packed with statistics, technical data and other useful information.

  • I will have to check that book out, thank you. 😄

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