• Hi there!
    I was wondering if this situation is intended according to 1942 ruleset(looks kinda weird).
    What happened it Japan attacked US submarine in zone 52 with a submarine, US submarine submerged.
    Now, in US turn, the submarine can’t move out of zone 52(maybe due to no other combat move available?) has to do combat, then can’t move out during non-combat move.
    I assume same thing will happen on Japan turn.

    I had another similar issue where I couldn’t get out with a transport from under a hostile submarine, save for another place where I could do a combat move(i.e. like attacking another transport with a plane).

    Is this really supposed to happen, or is this a bug in 1942 online game?

  • I heard there may be some sort of option during combat movement phase so you can get out of this by actively selecting some option to ignore enemy submarine/transports in a particular sea zone. But there are definitely some issues with rules implementation, including not being able to move correctly during combat movement phase to avoid combat, last I knew anyways.

  • @Mutu98

    As always I can only comment with regards to the boardgame rules.

    The “sea units starting in hostile seazones”-rules do not apply here, as the seazone is not hostile (it is actually friendly), as the enemy warship (submarine) is not a surface warship.

    So instead of attacking the US sub can choose to ignore the Japanese sub and perform a regular combat move - if possible. In case it didn’t do anything during Combat Move phase it of course should be able to move during Noncombat Move Phase.

    I mention @JuliusBorisovBeamdog here, who maybe has further insights regarding the software code.

  • I can’t repro. You can disengage during the Combat Move phase and move out during the Non-Combat Move phase.

    However, there are some disengage submarine bugs, involving stacks or other edgecases, we’re aware.

  • Couldn’t reproduce it again as well. I actually simulated the exact same thing, but i was able to get out during combat move phaze, even though I wasn’t attacking anything else.
    So, must’ve been a one timer.

    In that particular game though, I was able to “unstuck” the submarine eventually by attacking a misplaced transport 😛.

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