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    Why do the main mods (bm, bbr, 3g40 etc) preserve the g40 diplomacy? (What role does it still play in the meta of g40, even? unless youre going for a rapid crussia killcutta later war seems better)

    The diplomacy is historical and novel, but goal based and tournament mods seem slowed down by leaving diplomacy in—it was interesting for the axis to have a choice of war start but for the most part the axis just want to keep the usa at minimum income and limit the allies movement and choices on the first three turns.

    This is really true when you give them new goals that arent just kill moscow, kill calcutta.

    The early turns usually play out the same way becasue the g40 setup requires some building up and positioning but why hamper the allies even more by giving the axis the nonchoice of not declaring war early with japan.

    this is especially acute bc income and objective bonuses are awarded for china. that doesnt make sense, because its already worth plenty of money, its worth killing just to eliminate threat, and isnt an issue for japan to dispatch, especially if thats all it spends the first three turns doing

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    @taamvan it is ridiculous how easy it is for Japan to kill China and how worth it to do it.

    But to your point, we have all of these complicated efforts to add to our game variety flavor historical elements. All good! But the most elegant solutions is always the simplest: adjust or eliminate Allied political handcuffs. Good topic. I would do it incrementally to analyze the effects. I would start with Russia.

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