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    We are going to house rule this expansion. The Germans and the Italians have to pony up 4 IPP each while the Soviets get 1 IPP (which yes, represents the Spanish Gold sent to them).

    The Italians get to send militia they already have on the map and the Germans/Nationalists get 1) an transport (big deal, useless) 2) the Espana BB (pretty useless). The Germans also get the Army Africa which is 3/3, kinda worse than the artillery that was in N. Africa before. The Army of Africa were highly experienced why would they defend 1 less than normal infantry?

    The expansion sure seems skewed towards the Republicans/Soviets. Needs further refining. If it trying to be more historical, it sure misses on the Army of Africa, what the Italians sent over (light tanks and real infantry, not militia, planes).

    The Soviets can send a tank, what about the Italians and the Panzer 1s? Where are the BF109s, etc.?

  • @sjelso Many consider that the SCW is already heavily skewed in favor of the axis, with the original SCW expansion only making it worse. The republicans need the help. As for the things the Germans get, they still have the ability to lend lease 2 things to the USSR’s one. Also, the BB helps aginst the overpowering Republican navy, and the air transport cannot be sunk by the navy like usual, allowing for better mobility later. Also, militia just represent small units, division size and not corp size, so that is an accurate representation of the Italian aid. Same with the Army of Africa.
    Secondly, the Germans have to option to send more aid (planes), which I don’t believe they can do without sending aid to start with.
    This expansion, though it may not look balanced itself, is made to balance an tilted war.

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    @trig The Army of Africa was critical to Franco’s win yet they are underpowered. The expansion went too far in correcting an imbalance and is now skewed the other direction. The fleets are more or less useless after Turn 1 so the BB is not much advantage. Also, 4 IPP for the Italians?..that is 40% of their income. It just is not worth the investment for the Axis.

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    @sjelso The rules for Italy state that there are 2 militia in N. Italy but the set up only has one. Guess it is misprint and means the Tobruk.

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    @sjelso said in Spanish Civil War Expansion - v3 Admiral:

    @sjelso The rules for Italy state that there are 2 militia in N. Italy but the set up only has one. Guess it is misprint and means the Tobruk.

    Well, that oversight might help with some of your concern. Italy gets two ADDITIONAL milita in Northern Italy, if they pay the $4 to intervene. We are in our first game playing the expansion, so I won’t speak to the balance, and I know nothing of the history, but I have read the rules a few times, so I hope that helps.

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    Nice to see people are using the admiral version of SCW and some of you get the choices that were made. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
    And yes, Army of Africa were used as shocktroops. 3/3 vs 2/4 is still similar total value of stats but for a smaller unit size. The air transport can not be sunk. And lend lease an airborne with the Axis and Republicans need to take care of not being surrounded by leaving too many spaces empty. I would appreciate playtesting results. Designers can miss things in initial game testing. I am only human after all, don’t put the blame on me 😉

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