Submarines & Target Selection V3

  • Do Subs get ‘Target Selection’? While the battleboards imply it, I can’t find anything in the main rulebook or player aids saying that they do.

  • @insanehoshi i have been playing with all subs having target select on a 1. Now that u mention it tho, there doesn’t seem to be anything about it in the rules. This isn’t the only example, there is no mention of interception value for tac bombers. However the battleboard has the final say, apparently tacs can’t intercept which does make some sense as they excel in reg combat.

    It would make some sense to have subs target select, however it doesn’t seem to happen very often.

  • Step 3 of the Naval Combat Sequence in Table 9-4 (v3 rules) mentions units that roll their target selection. It could mean the submarines and coastal submarines, who both hit target selection at 1 on the battle boards. They are the only two naval units with that perk.

  • @noneshallpass Subs theoretically are the only naval units with target selection, but Tac bombers participate in naval combat too.

  • '18 '17 '16

    Page 42.
    Section 9.2
    -Submarines have first strike unless the Enemy has a Destroyer present.

    Unit statistics on National Reference Sheets all list Tactical Bombers as having first strike on land an naval units.

  • HBG just posted an Errata Sheet to the rules :

    Page 42:

    Add “Submarines have a Target Selection of “1” to the list in 9.10

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