How is the balance in Global War 1936 Version 3

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    Many good point @Noneshallpass! And yeah, @GuamSolo, with no disrespect intended, I think you guys should reserve judgement for a few more rounds (at least) of play! I think you’ll find it balances out a lot more.

    It’ probably unsurprising that first time players might find the Axis as the overwhelming favorite. From a very simplistic point of view, I’d say the Axis are probably the most “straight forward” to play. By that I mean, it’ a matter of understanding when and where to activate and attack enemies, not letting the Allies/Comintern gain so much IPP too early, etc. But the Allies have a far heavier logistical load to bear. You need to keep Lend Leasing in mind as a larger Allied necessity to victory than the others need to. Likewise, the Comintern is harder to figure out I think because of the very reasons mentioned above. People think of the USSR in an A&A context of being allied with the Allies, and that is just not the case in this game.

    I also mean no disrespect to your playing group, but maybe switch up who is playing who. Maybe your Axis player is a bit more of a “superior” player, or has understood the rules more quickly. Or, to flip it, maybe the Allied/Comintern players are just a bit slower to the uptake on the game rules and strategies. My point being, maybe intentionally keep your “stronger” players away from the Axis if you’ve found the Axis the overwhelming favorite in your games!

  • @GuamSolo said in How is the balance in Global War 1936 Version 3:

    When Germany takes Moscow in 2 rounds you just needed more units over all.

    To prevent such a scenario, you also may want to consider, building a fortification in Moscow. Most likely that in order to take Moscow in 2 rounds Germany has to use their double impulse and/or Blitz into Moscow. Building a fort prevents blitzes and might give you enough time to rally your defenses ( and provide a good defence as well).

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