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    Okay, potentially dumb question here. But it came up in our game, and I just started really second guessing myself.

    Italy has attacked Greece and Yugoslavia earlier in the game (as well as Abyssinia and Albania). UK now has their income for war, and are in fact at war with Germany.

    The rules say that they UK can’t declare war on the Axis powers until the Axis have declared war on another nation.

    I’ve read that to mean any nation at all. As in, since Italy has attacked Yugoslavia and Greece (Abyssinia and Albania not counting), that triggers the UK being able to declare war on them.

    My brother has read this to mean that Italy has to have declared war on a Major Power.

    Can someone clarify? I’m sure it would specify if this meant only having declared war on another Major power.

    If that is the case, that would mean Italy could attack any minor power they want all game long, and never trigger war with the Allies. That can’t be right.


  • @Chris_Henry
    You are correct.

    Because the UK is at full income, it can declare war on an axis power that has attacked any other nation, major & minor.

    If the Commonwealth gains control of non western hemisphere minors, when the are attacked by the axis.

    Albania is an annexation, and the war in Abyssinia was on going prior to the beginning of the game.

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    @Wildcat6305 Thank you for confirming! I was 99% sure. This is my brothers first time playing, so he’s had his own opinions on what some of the rules mean, so I’ve had to explain a lot.

    Yeah, that’s why I wanted to specify that Yugoslavia and Greece had also been attacked. He starts the game at war with Abyssinia, and Albania isn’t technically an attack, so I knew those didn’t count.

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