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    Yo. Just putzin around. Got some Mini’s now and made a map 3x6 foot.

    Will have like HQ, Fuel, Ammo and supply depots added with about 500 points for both sides in pieces but I put a cap on having your basic pieces to simplify things and using d8 dice. So I know there will be 52 Inf for each side and etc.

    I like the squares based on you can shoot up to 8 different squares now.
    3 front 2 sides 3 back. Will have mines, barbed wire maybe a pill box or 2.

    Anyway gonna be fun to see a bunch of pieces on a map. I’d say maybe 100 to 110 pieces for each side. I’ll post picks soon of setup. Basically keeping it the same for both sides. But still use the initiative. -1 for AD Move if damaged, 2 hit Med Heavt tanks, tanks kill 2 Inf and adding about 6-8 planes each side to with dogfighting and Stb SBRing. Lots to test.!

    1942 2nd edition orignal minature final print copy (2).jpg

  • sounds like fun to me

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    I’ll post a setup pic soon

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