• I posted this first in the contest thread but I will post it here as well.

    Strategic warfare alt game ruleset

    An alternative to the simplistic grab the objectives or destroy all ship WAS games providing strategic targets of which there destruction effects the game.

    Core Premise

    Each side has 5 factories/shipyards:

    • small shipyard ( dd,aux,MTB,cruisers,subs) represented by a hsb
    • large shipyard (bb,carriers,seaplane tenders) represented by a hsb
    • oil supply  (4armor/10VA/4hull) litko oil derrick
    • bomber factory represented by fwd airstrip
    • fighter factory represented by fwd airstrip

    The Fwd airstrips and HSB’s operate normally though there destruction causes the effects listed below (you can’t build any additional ones in your build ).

    When the corresponding factory/shipyard is destroyed you can’t build those corresponding units.  Ex IJN destroys the usn bomber factory , the usn can no longer build bombers (but still keeps bomber units it already has) .

    -1 ship can dock in every oil/shipyard/factory water sector to help with aa
    -ships can deploy on the shipyard that built them using that sector as a starting point for movement.

    Deployment: large shipyard A3,G9
    Small shipyard A9, G3
    oil D1, D11
    Fighter factory A1, G11
    Bomber factory A11, G1

    Each side starts with 100 pts , every 6 turns you get to build an additional  100 pts .

    Class limits are in effect.

    The effect of oil supply when destroyed is all ships get slow + 1 and aircraft get + 1 rearming tokens.

    convoy route control: a variation of objectives, place them normally but now they are permanent and abstract shipping routes during the buy phase every objective you control you get 20pts for.
    ex. If I control 2 that’s an additional 40 pts in the buy phase.

    Destroy all 5 of your opponents factories/shipyards to win.  You can shorten the game if you like to just the oil supply and any 2 factories destroyed to win.


    Advanced rules (optional , just there to boost/nerf a couple units for balance)

    factories and shipyards are immune to the do 217 and condor range 1 asm. As well as the range 1 b-25 strafe.

    (optional) aborted fighters get a token, 2 tokens destroy them.

    (additional strategic targets )Before you build your additional 100pts each build phase if your force has no surviving aux’s you must pay 1 additional pt for every unit you buy.

    Aux’s get landing +2 if they already have a landing sa and +3 if they don’t, all other friendly units in a aux’s sector must be destroyed before the aux can be attacked.  This might make them a good option to try and take down shipyards with
    (ships with guard the convoy get +1 armor when with a friendly local aux).

    (optional) Using landing you can capture enemy facilities, you build/deploy your own units from the captured facilities.

    The shore bombardment SA is now an additional attack that can be made like landing though if successful (shore bombard # + 2 dice roll >= 12) it does 1 damage.

    MTB’s get close escort.

    • The ruleset is pretty flexible adding things like night every 3rd turn or so and using the total war year system is entirely possible/compatible.  Same goes for storms squalls etc.

    : watch out for enemy bombers trying to knock out your factories, having defensive fighters helps prevent this and the power of air is balanced by the weak stats on the fwd airstrip.

  • '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 '12

    I like it.

  • Yeah it gives the game a different element and shares the build every 4 turns element with the total war scenario which could actually be combined by starting you at the earliest year limit both sides have then advancing it one year every 4th turn build phase.  I will post some pics when I have time since I have some building pieces.

    Hopefully I have a shot at neural dreams 100 dollar prize lol

  • Factory layout, this is an example you can do it how you want I suppose to fit your needs.  This is the ship deployment area shown with an additional hotz mat representing a land mass with the various facilities like a full fledged naval base.  You can have both deployment areas look like this or have some of them on islands spread out across the map.

  • The contest poll is up if you like my alt rule idea support azrael’s strategic warfare http://aaminis.myfastforum.org/about36958.html

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