Concealed Cover WAS alt rules ( ex clouds) (antithesis to night rules)

  • Similar to night rules, this represents an element of concealment whether cloud cover or what to give an edge to attacking units allowing a scenario like Taranto to more easily play out.

    Uncertain objective: after both fleets are deployed roll a die on a 1-2 place an objective marker on the center left, 3-4 in the middle, 5-6 on the right (optional).

    Covered approach:  Ship anti-air rolls -1 on each die   Â

    Spread out CAP: defensive fighters must make a search check and succeed on a 3+

    Target located/lit up: units roll +1 dice against damaged units

    Disorganized attack: aborted air units get +1 rearming tokens.
    The above provides some historical insight into this, if you view this as cloud cover you can combine it with the current “twilight” rules to represent changing battlefield conditions.

    Having an antithesis to a night match has alot of potential so im open to feedback and will probably change it over time.

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