Azrael's island/shore support rules

  • This should play out a little bit like a guadacanal/wake island type match

    Place an amount of islands on the map 4 or 5 would work place them in a mirror type image for both sides. Try and place at least one in the middle.

    How to win/score points:  There is no objectives or points for sinking enemy units. VP sa’s still work.

    • At the end of each turn if you have an auxiliary next to an island score 50pts, if you have 100 pts of warships or more next to an island score 50pts. ( You can only score points on each island once, an opponent can score points on an island that has been scored on by an opponent).

    • ex. You can score all your VP sa’s normally, but each island is eligible only for one 50 pt bonus from 1 aux and one 50 pt bonus for 100 pts of warships being adjacent to the island.

    • When you have scored points on an island that turn via the 50pt bonuses , the next turn your land based aircraft remove their rearming counters and can be played.

    • aux’s can’t be attacked unless the other friendly ship(s) in their sector are destroyed.

    The person with the most points wins, eventually you will run out of pt making opportunities or will clinch.

    These rules are meant to abstractly represent the surface fleets role in shore/landing/bombardment/supply support where the surface engagements while important are secondary in importance to the land action.

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    Always willing to give your scenarios a go Azrael, thanks.

  • It should play out more interesting then it sounds and at the very least let you use a few units you might not normally and give you an alternate game to play aux’s rather then the wotc convoy rules.

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    I have 2 buddies playing a convoy scenario today about 850 miles from me.  I forwarded this to them so hopefully they get a chance to try it out.

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