• having played a ton of OOB and seeing the game progress perhaps its time to give OOB an update.  Here is what I would like to see some things are different some are the same.  This would probably never receive the traction of the original so you can consider this the canadian variant lol.

    -Mtb’s count as DD’s for OOB

    6 hull BB requirement : 1 cruiser 3 DD’s 2 aux’s
    Battleship requirement hull 4-5: 1 cruiser 2 DD’s 1 aux
    Fleet Carrier (cap 2-4) requirement: 2 DD’s (glorious only had 2 DD’s escorting it when it got ambushed)
    Hull 3 BB requirement (S-H): 2 DD’s
    CVE requirement : 1 DD
    For every 2 Installations: 1 aux

    D.Landing barge (IJN) only counts as 1/2 of an aux

    Aircraft OOB (optional if you want to take it one step further):

    For 1945 aircraft you may have only 1 copy of this unit per 200pts
    For 1944 aircraft you may only have 2 copies of this unit per 200pts
    For 1943 aircraft you may only have 3 copies of this unit per 200pts.

    Additional : Alaska counts as a capital ship, if you need aux proxies (until TN provides more for lesser major nations) manxman can be the USSR ship Marti, Atlantis can be Italian ship RAMB and commandente teste can count as 2 aux slot requirements (ex if you need 2 aux’s because of your build 1 unit of commandente teste counts as 2 aux slots.)

    I think these tweaks will balance certain things and insure certain units that were never played before (like aux’s) might see some play and aren’t a drag on your build requirements anymore.

  • '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 '12

    We are playing all day tomorrow so we will implement a lot of these changes and see how it goes.

  • modified the OP this is the revised version the original needed some tinkering.

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