On August 19th 1942 a predominantly Canadian force attempted to raid the German-held port of Dieppe in Operation Jubilee.  It was intended that this force would hold the port for a short time, gather intelligence and seize some materials, then withdraw. More importantly it would simply prove that such a raid was possible.  Instead the Operation was a complete disaster.


    • Roll 2D6; the higher number is the Germans and the lower is the Canadians.
    • Armies are built by purchasing units in Platoons; see below.
    • Army Sizes are 150 (CAN) and 100 (GE)


    • Use the WotC Beachhead map found here: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=ah/aam/ah20060602c
    • Canadian forces are not initially deployed.
    • German forces may deploy their units anywhere from the row of Bluff hexes, back.
    • Obstacles may be deployed anywhere except on Beach-Sand hexes.

    Victory Points are earned as follows:

    • The Canadians score 10 VPs for each of the three City Hexes they control on turn 7. They score 5 VPs for each they only contest.
    • (Note that disrupted units can only contest or control the hex they are in
    • The Canadians score an additional 10 VPs if at any point during the game a Canadian Soldier manages to leave the beach (past the Bluffs).
    • The Germans win a Major Victory if the Canadians score no VPs.
    • The Canadians win a Minor Victory if they have 10 VPs
    • The Canadians win a Major Victory if they score over 10 VPs.


    • Higgins landing craft can either Arrive or Depart (not both) at any point during the movement phase.
    • Each higgins can hold one Platoon of Section.
    • Units unload from the Higgins on the same water/beach hex, and adjacent water/beach hexes to either side. If there is not enough room for units to deploy, the remainder must stay on the landing craft.
    • When a Higgins departs place the next Platoon or Section on it.
    • Higgins must roll when attempting to arrive; indicate which hex you want them to arrive at and roll a D6; if the result is 4-6 they have arrived.  This roll is -1 if the Higgins is disrupted, -1 if damaged, or -2 if both.


    • Rough Terrain: Beach/sand hexes cost double movement for vehicles to enter.
    • Pillboxes negate the effects of Covering Fire.
    • NCOs Improved Accuracy makes short range 0-2 hexes, not medium range 2-6 hexes.
    • Each side is allowed one Hero using thse rules: http://boards.avalonhill.com/showpost.php?p=157736&postcount=1.
    • Offboard Commanders cannot apply their Initiative Modifier.
    • If a Higgins is destroyed it is replaced at the end of the next turn.


    Infantry  75 - 125 Points
    Armour   25 - 50 Points
    Support    0 - 50 Points

    TOTAL: 150 Points


    (25 Points) Canadian Platoon
    1x Eagled Eyed NCO
    1x BREN Gunner
    4x Canadian Infantrymen

    (25 Points) Royal Engineers Platoon
    1x BREN Gunner
    3x Canadian Infantrymen
    2x Royal Engineer


    (25 Points) AVRE
    1x Churchill AVRE

    (25 Points) Light Tank Section
    1x M3 Stuart
    1x Crusader II

    (25 Points) Armoured Recon Section
    3x Humber Scout Car


    (25) Elite Infantry Platoon
    4x Defiant Paratroopers
    1x BREN Gunner
    NOTE: Paratroopers cannot use the Paratrooper Special Ability.

    (25) Air Support
    1x Concealed Spotter
    1x Spitfire Mk 1
    NOTE: The Spotter must be attached to an Infantry Platoon (Either Infantry OR an Elite Infantry Platoon)

    (25) Company HQ - MAX 1
    1x Inspiring Lieutenant
    2x Vickers MG Team

    2x Higgins Landing Craft


    Infantry  50 - 100 Points
    Armour    0 - 50 Points
    Support   0 - 50 Points

    TOTAL: 100 Points


    (25) Rifle Platoon
    1x MG 42
    1x Panzerfaust 30
    3x Mauser
    2x Barbed Wire

    (25) Waffen-SS (Max 1)
    3x SS-Panzergrenadier
    2x SS-Stormtrooper

    (25) Anti-Tank Battery
    2x PAK 38
    2x Minefield
    1x Tank Obstacle


    (50) SS Panzer Section
    1x SS-Panzer IV F2
    1x Elite Panzer IV D

    (25) Tank Destroyer Section
    2x Marder II


    (25) Pillboxes
    2x Sandbagged MG Team
    2x Pillbox

    (25)Luftwaffe Air Support
    2x Focke-Wulf Fw 190A

    (25) AA Battery
    3x 20mm Flak 38
    2x Luftwaffe Infantrymen

    (25) Heavy ATG Battery
    2x PAK 40

    (25) Mortar Battery
    2x 81mm Mortar
    1x Disciplined Spotter

    1x SS-Haupsturmfurher
    8 Points worth of obstacles; no more than 4 units of any one type.

  • Looks fun

  • A lot to take in at once, but playing it a few times it was pretty fun. The first wave of Canadians usually get slaughtered.

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    You should do a St. Nazaire raid as well

  • I’ve got several on the go now, they just all need some playtesting. Eventually I will have 36 scenarios done for my Random Scenario Generator (Roll D6 for theatre, then D6 for battle). But that might take some time.

  • This actually looks fantastic and I’ll give it a go in July while on leave.  Why the tank choice of Stewarts.  Churchills were the armour in use.  Is it just a numbers thing?

  • @Audacity:

    This actually looks fantastic and I’ll give it a go in July while on leave.  Why the tank choice of Stewarts.  Churchills were the armour in use.  Is it just a numbers thing?

    It was a bit of a numbers thing, I’ve got some updates to do - Valentine IIs as earlier Churchills. There has been some suggestion that I put in AVREs, and I’m considering it.

  • So I’ve played this out twice with admendments.

    I built my own map (part of my 3 foot by 8 foot hex map).  It was 16 hexes by 20 hexes.  Across one corner was 14 hexes of water front.  In the center were 4 town hexes about 8 back from the beach (too far for the infantry).  The beach itself was 2 hexes deep.  There was an assortment of hills flanking the beach and woods to break up the area.

    In my usual way I went bigger.  My forces were Canada 222 points to Germany’s 172 points.  I roughly followed the plan but ammended a few things to suit my forces.


    2 x platoons with - 1x eagle eyed NCO, 1x bren gunner & 2 x Canadian Riflemen each.
    1 Platoon with - 4 x Royal Engineers
    Armour - 1 x M3 Stuart and 2 x Crusader II
    Reccon - 2 x Humber Scout Cars
    Elite Inf - 4 x Defiant Paratroops & 1 x Bren gunner
    Air Spt - 1 x Hawker Typhoon & 1 x concealed spotter
    Coy HQ - 1 x Inspiring Lt. and 2 x Vickers MG
    Boats - 3 x Higgins (because of larger force)


    Platoon - 1 x MG42, 1 x Panzerfaust 30, 3 x Mauser
    Platoon - 3 x Panzer Grenadier, 2 x Stormtroopers
    Anti tank - 2 x PAK 38
    Air Spt - 1 x Focke-wulf Fw 190A
    AA Bty - 1 x 20mm Flak 38 & 2 x Luftwaffe Inf
    Mortar - 2 x 81mm mortar and 1 x Disciplined spotter
    Leader - 1 x Haupstrumfurher
    Special - 18 points of obstacles 4 wire, 4 mines, 4 AT and 2 bunkers.

    I have played this twice.  The first round I was Germany and won a decisive victory.  Granted my oponent was my young son and doesn’t have my tacxtical mind.  Today I played as Canada against an infantry NCO who thinks a lot smarter.  For the first 6 turns I figured I was being crushed.  I concentrated an attack on one side of the beach forcing him to draw some of the other defences toward the left.  Then I landed the scout cars on the right.  One was stuck for three turns on the Higgens boat.  Somehow I prevailed in the last three turns as I managed to get three damaged vehicles into the town.  Even with the Inspiring Lt, I couldn’t get the surviving infantry forward to the objective.  They did their bit.  I’ve put up my questions about engineer capabilities else where.  The first couple of waves were slaughtered on the beach.

    One would think that the 81mm mortars would have a blast effect against all tgts in a hex.

    The boat off loading system was probably pretty realistic but also frustrating with only the 50% chance of succesfully beaching a load.

    This scenario was a lot of fun.  My thanks to Der Leiter for the model.


  • As I mentioned n the discussion section - you might not be aware that WotC did errata them with demolitions (At the end of the movement and assault phases roll a D6 against each obstacle in the same hex, or bordering the hex; on a 4+ it’s removed).

    One change I am making is that the Engineer Platoon will become a Reinforced Engineer Platoon to give them a little more firepower; all engineers doesn’t usually end up so well.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s a tough one for the Canucks, but then it’s supposed to be.

    (Updated with new objective rules, a few new units (AVRE, PAK 40s), and changed Engineer Platoon)

  • This mod is pretty demanding when it comes to unit amounts. Noobs with small arsenals (like me) wont’ be able to play. 😞

  • Try finding other players that are interested in playing and pooling your resources.

    Honestly compared to many other scenarios this isn’t that intensive, and I made it a point to go easy on the rares. The hardest part may be having the number of infantry - always feel free to substitute - Use Free French (French Canadiens!) or SMLEs. They’re all the same really.

  • you have all this Canadian units. ?? I’m not able to play that whit my minis…

  • I have a … few… minis.

  • Insert Quote
    This mod is pretty demanding when it comes to unit amounts. Noobs with small arsenals (like me) wont’ be able to play.

    i don’t have all the units 😢
    but if i need to play ill just modify to fit my arsenal  😄

  • no one will probably see this but you should make more scenarios or someone should that would make this area much better.

  • SORRY I was bored BUMP

  • Looks good. I need some more minis though! Only have one Higgens boat 😞 Go Canada 😄

  • I printed off the map and UH? How in the hell do you put the higgins on the map? Theres only 1 water hex deep and it’s not even 1/4 of a hex!

  • In reality it is hard to employ this piece and we always just say it has reached the beach.  From there it may be difficult to unload though and damages/ destruction can then occur.

  • also why are the hexes so tiny?

  • When AAM was first introduced all the maps had two inch hexes.  The three inch hex is part of the games evolution to a standard 15mm scale.

  • theses hexes are only 1.75 inches

  • Sorry Testguy, if it is some sort of computer issue, I can’t help out with that

  • Der Leiter, nice scenario. I’ll try to play it sometime.


    The hardest part may be having the number of infantry - always feel free to substitute - Use Free French (French Canadiens!) or SMLEs. They’re all the same really.

    Whenever I need a lot of one type, I just use pieces from the board game. If you need a lot of Canadians, just use the UK soldiers from the board game.


    also why are the hexes so tiny?

    Print them off at 150% and they’ll be 3 inches. That’s what I always do.

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