Largest Map?

  • Whats the largest AAM map that anyone has seen? I mean like the average maps that you’ll put together, but have like 20 of the things all incorparated? I looked it up on google but could’nt find anything, I plan on soon putting my 9 maps togehter. How many differnt styles are there?

    You’d have to have like a 500pt army too  😮

  • The largest one we’ve ever used was 4x3 tiles.  The 3-tile side was the long sides of each tile, since we were trying to create a near-square map.  It worked pretty well, and we used the 600-point armies that my buddy and I built.  It was pretty cool; each army was divided up into 300 points of armor, give or take, and 300 points of soldiers.  That way, we had 4 people playing, and it was pretty bada$$.  😉

  • Well, the problom for me, is that I only have like a 200pt US and a 200pt ger army, and the people I play with don’t have AAm, so they use mine( Uk, SU, and jap armys arn’t big enough). I used a elongated style with the maps. Large city on the US and Ger side, with a mix of hedgerows, forest, and hills in between with a river with few bridge objectives too.

    I actualy developed a plan for spawning areas due to the low point army:
    my map has 9 objetive points
    2 Us/2 ger respawns on the far sides of the map that cant be captured
    if you capture a obj, you don’t have to keep 1 unit there to keep it.
    if you do capture a point, then you can spawn there if an enemy is not within 4 spaces and has view
    only solders/art can spwn in the center map obj
    veihcals must spawn on the outer 2 obj
    any number of units can spawn in the permanant spwans
    2 soidlers at most can spawn at 1 obj
    1 vehical, 2 soilder on outer obj.
    when detroyed and removed from maps, roll intiative, whos ever higher, spawns first
    for obsycals, you must choose 1 “engineer” for your army
    that 1 unit (soilder only) can destoy any enemy obsticals as their attake phase
    if your obstacl/s are destroyed by the other guy, then you can plot a new one were that unit is as you attake phase
    Only 1 obstical can be poted or detroyed a turn

  • I constructed a very large map in my basement.  Off the top of my head, I think it is about 6 x 9, rectangular.  It is all plains and I cut out trees, mountains, and cities to always have a different scenario and map for each game.  Further more, I never play a game with less than 1000 points for each team.

  • A large map would be awesome.
    I would love to see one where you have 10 people on each side each controls there of regiment or company. This would be like a 1200 pt game mabye more or less.

  • Look deep into this thread to find photos of my 3D battle field and the big games we play.

  • Hi,
    I need help.
    I dont know when I use biggest or largest.
    Can someone explain it?

    I will say:
    Hinduism  is the third biggest/largest religion.

    Grüße, Mareike

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    They are almost interchangeable. As far as getting your meaning across either will do. The difference is largely a matter of style. Biggest is usually thought of as a less formal or in some instances less mature usage than largest.

    “Hinduism is the third largest religion.” would be preferred over “Hinduism is the third biggest religion.” But either way would be understood to mean the same thing.

    “The King Tiger was the biggest german tank.” wouldn’t be better or worse than “The King Tiger was the largest german tank.”

    Biggest can be used when speaking of popularity. “Avatar was the biggest hit movie of the year.” but not “Avatar was the largest hit movie of the year.”

  • my group once had a massive battle 5x5 maps and at least 3000 points on each side

  • I prefer to use my own custom maps, mostly around 3x2 WotC maps. But I have played on a 5x4…

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