China and Peacetime Income Increases v.3

  • Japan attacking China, triggers a Peactime IPP increase for Great Britain, France and the USA (among others).

    On the G-B (v.3.3) National Reference Sheet, it says « Japan declares war on neutral (including China) +2 each time »

    On France’s (v.3.3) it says « Japan declares war on neutral nation or China +1 (each time) ».

    On USA’s (v.3.2) it says « Japan declares war on China (1936 only) +5

    Finally, the rules (Beta 2.0) state :

    (0.9) China: When the rules refer to China, (without a specific reference to KMT or CCP) they refer to all Chinese land zones with a KMT, CCP or Warlord roundel printed on the map.

    (4.9) An attack by a foreign nation on a Warlord, CCP, or KMT, is considered an attack on all of China and causes all Warlords to Align to KMT.

    My question is if Japan attacks a Warlord before attacking the KMT or the CCP, do G-B and France get only one IPP increase for all these attacks against China or one « each time » a different Chinese faction is attacked for the first time?

    The same question goes for KMT and CCP. Does the attack against each faction cause an new IPP increases or only the first one?

    Since it does not say « each time » for the USA, my understanding is that there can be only one +5 IPP increase in the game, but I am not so sure what to do about G-B and France.

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    It doesn’t matter which faction or territory within China is attacked by a foreign power. It is considered an attack on China and the Warlords all align to the KMT at the end of the attacking nation’s combat phase. Consequently, the attacking nation is at war with all of China and there is no second separate bonus for each faction.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade

    Thank you for the reply. And by GeneralHandGrenade no less.

    I got hooked on this game from your videos.

    Keep up the good work.

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    I think the “each time” thing threw you off a bit there too. That is more in reference to any attacks on other neutrals besides China (Warlords/KMT/CCP all included in that “China” umbrella), and not to potential other attacks on other Chinese factions.

    But as GHG said, once a faction of any kind in China is attacked, the rest automatically align, so there couldn’t possibly be any other Chinese factions that could be considered neutral anymore anyways!

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