FEC income when Calculta is occupied

  • Hey,

    When Calcutta is taken by an enemy, all the FEC ipp reserve disappeared, but he don’t surrender (see reference sheet for details).
    The question is: during the collect income phase of the FEC, do he still gather the ipp value of his other provinces?

    Also, how is the new capital of FEC determine? Or it’s not need to choose a new capital? (so the enemy can’t take it and make the ipp reserve disappears again).

    Thanks for your answers.

  • I am not sure if your question takes into account the Errata :

    Far East Command Reference Sheet:
    Home Country:

    Add: “If Calcutta is conquered, FEC loses its possessed IPP, but may continue to build units in other land zones.” (Page 1, Applied to v3.4)

    Losing Calcutta and the possessed IPP would not prevent the Collect income phase (11.6) from the remaining territory for future turns. There is no need for a new capital. The immediate IPP loss only applies to Calcutta.

  • @noneshallpass

    Ok thanks I don’t see the modification in the errata my bad.

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