WW2 Roundels, Tokems. Compendium

  • Hello. I want to share historical or approximate marks with you, as well as support Marks. The A&A roundels are 75x75 pixels, and squar Marks are 45x45pixels. 1 to 1 scale. I recomend print them in a hi quality photo’ paper, them glue in cardboard (my local art store has the same thickness of the game). Cut it with scissors will give a “brocho” finishing (not smooth), is better to buy a “Troquel” (sorry i dont know the english word, but is the tool for make holes in the leather, and use a hammer).
    Damange AA50 style : Damage1.jpg.Damage2.jpg
    Port and air base AAG40 style: Airport.jpg.Port.jpg
    Research cientific team AA50 style: Research.jpg

  • Mexico ww2
    West Indies: siense in the game is one area use (Not Official) West Indies Federation roundel from and old PC GAME

    Central Ameria: siense in the game is a one area, use last historic Central America Republic 1889 shield.Roundel_of_Central_America.jpg

    Venenzuela (ww2)Roundel_of_Venezuela.png
    Colombia (ww2)Roundel_of_Colombia.svg.png

    Ecuador (ww2)Roundel_of_Ecuador.svg.png

  • Chile (ww2) Roundel_of_Chile.png
    Argentina (ww2)Roundel_of_Argentina.png
    Brazil (ww2) State or North Africa / Italy expedition
    Roundel_of_Brazil(v1).jpg. Roundel_of_Brazil(v2).jpg
    Bolivia (ww2) Roundel_of_Bolivia.jpg
    Peru (ww2)Roundel_of_Peru.jpg
    Paraguay (ww2) Roundel_of_Paraguay.jpg
    Uruguay (ww2)Roundel_of_Uruguay.jpg

    Prototipos In the board, note the grey ships down some roundels, they represent neutral armys! In my house rules all neutras have at last one army in area. Mexico and Central america dont star as us territories until us enter war, like in real life.54277943_2259568650974203_8634381967300755456_n.jpg

  • U.S.A (ww2): Early(Pacifico) ,Late (Europe).Roundel_of_USA(Asia).jpg .Roundel_of_USA(Europa).jpg

    Canada (ww2) Roundel_of_Canada.png
    Union of SouthAfrica (ww2)Roundel_of_Union_of_SouthAfrica.jpg
    Portugal (ww2)(Angola,Mozambique,Guinea)Roundel_of_Portugal(Mozambique).jpg

    Spain (ww2) (Rio de Oro) Republic, Nacionalist or Franco’s StateRoundel_of_the_Spanish_Republican.jpg.Roundel_of_Nacionalist_Spain.jpg.Roundel_of_Franco_Spain.jpg

    Sierra Leona and Liberia (ww2) in the game are S.N, but in real life were Pro-Allies, in my house rules, the are so they have one infantry to by activated.Roundel_of_Sierra Leona.jpg.Roundel_of_Liberia.jpg

  • Afghanistan (ww2) Roundel_of_Afghanistan.jpg

    Persia (ww2) in the game is Pro-Allies, but in real life were “Pro-Axis” Spain Style, in my house rules is, so they have two aditional infantry to by activatedRoundel_of_Eastern_Persia.jpg PD: Anglo-Soviet invasion of Persia, Operation Countenance: was the Allies ilegal joint invasion of Persia, now Modern Iran, in 25 agosto 1941.

    Royal Saudi (ww2) Roundel_of_Royal_Saudi.jpg
    Irak (ww2) Roundel_of_Irak.jpg
    Turkey (ww2) Roundel_of_turkey.jpg

  • I Replace the photo paper (the color deteriorates quickly) by medium quality decal paper, and better quality ink. Note the countries and territories that did not have Roundel now have it. For AAA 40 the diameter of the roundel on the board is 38x38pp. IMG_20190318_093631.jpg

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    Very good work, finish the board

  • @Imperious-Leader, we’re on it. But the importation of the Pacific part has one mistake, they send my the first edition… I like the contrast of the map (gives effect of two hemisferios) and the two territories of Canada.
    Making the change is very expensive, so I will buy the missing AAA units in HBG.

    Congo Belga (ww2) Belgica_Congo.jpg
    Ethiopia (ww2)
    Reino de Egipto (ww2)

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