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G40 Victory City, Straits, canals Tokems

  • Hello, in this new post i complement the custom tokens. They are in 75x75pp, game tokens are 74, but you need to cut them, soo… base is Anniversay style tokens. There are:
    Berlin.jpg Cairo.jpg Calcutta.jpg Danish Straits.jpg Dardanelles Strait.jpg Gibraltar Strait.jpg Hong Kong.jpg Honolulu.jpg Leningrad.jpg London.jpg Manila.jpg Moscow.jpg Ottawa.jpg Panama Canal.jpg Paris.jpg Rome.jpg San Francisco.jpg Shanghai.jpg Stalingrad.jpg Suez Canal.jpg Sydney.jpg Tokyo.jpg Warsaw.jpg Washington.jpg VictoryCityBack.jpg

  • Hello, in this new replay are the back of the canal and Straits tokem, and the new canal installation. For my house rules, the Suez and Panama canals have an inoperability damage of 3 and a maximum of 10, to repair spent an IPC per point of damage.

    Canal.jpg VictoryCityBack (2).jpg

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