Announcing Axis & Allies Online

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    Today we’re pleased to announce that an official online adaptation of Axis & Allies is finally here and it is called Axis & Allies Online….

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  • Hello, Axis & Allies community! Nice to meet you!

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    Can’t wait to see your version the game!

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    Well, I loved those old infinity engine games and black isle materials. Baldur’s gate is always one of the first games loaded on the hard drive whenever I get a new laptop, so its cool to see someone with excellent taste at the helm haha. Maybe 42.2 has legs after all? I’m really pleased that one of these games is getting the official treatment. I gotta imagine there’s a fair amount of overlap between the peeps who got into D&D via those crpg games and peeps who might get into A&A with a digital introduction to the rules and such. Sometimes the table top can be intimidating for newbies and it can be challenging to connect with other like minded players face to face. But we buy the physical boxes at the same shops, so seems like it could work. I’m intrigued by the asynchronous play concept, and how a digital version might be used to help cement the ruleset or official updates to the setup and the like. Definitely cool news. Anything that gets more people interested in Axis and Allies, and a way to keep the franchise kicking. Especially if it leads to new boards or other boards like AA50 or 1940 getting a similar translation. I think hardcore vet players will be looking for different things out of the engine than players brand new to the game, but either way its still good news for those of us who like the digital format.

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    I wonder if a player could update a custom OOL on every turn of theirs if they so chose… in anticipation of a battle that might take place on their opponents turn?

  • LMK when it actually releases pls.

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    Oh yeah. There will be a big announcement when it does! It will be hard to miss.

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