• ZMCR says: you may non-combat move a Z from a territory your units occupy.

    So this means that this territory may be controlled by your ally? While you have units there.

    And this technology explicitely says ‘units’. But I guess having only one unit there is enough.
    One last issue (but hey, I am fool-proof-reading the rules!)… does an IC qualify as a unit here? Is that relevant? Well, it might… Zs can have a presence in an area containing your factory. But these Zs do not take control of this area unless they are with more then IPC value of the area. So you can have this situation in which an area contains Zs… while you control the area because of this IC. The question is: in that very case may this technology be applied?

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    I think the territory just has to have your units in it, period. Otherwise they would have explicitly said “territory you control.”

    So, by extension, you wouldn’t be able to use the Card on a territory that you own, but is occupied by your ally’s units + Zombies.

    Ex. I’m playing as USSR and have the card. Karelia has 2 B INF and 2 Zombies, so is technically “owned” by me.

    In this case, I can’t use the “Zombie Mind Control Ray” on Karelia unless I can NCM a Russian Unit into Karelia first.

    Re Your Second Question: An IC is technically a unit. FWIW, from an in-game perspective the explanation for why the Zombies need to exceed the IPC value of a territory with an IC is that “the factory workers put up resistance”.

    Thus, I don’t see any reason that the factory workers can’t use the technology they developed to mind control the zombies.

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    Like your other post, I have no sources for this (I’m at work), so please take what I say with a grain of salt.

  • Thanks for your remarks, DMM. Krieghund is busy answering my questions. So I guess he will tackle this issue too coming time.

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    @DoManMacgee is correct.

  • So can we rephrase this as:

    You may non-combat a Z from an area you have at least one unit in. In this regard an IC counts as a unit.

  • This post is deleted!

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