AAZ: similar games for Axis and Allies?

  • To all:

    What do you think? Any chance there will be a - very broadly - speaking ‘similar’ game like AAZ in the Axis and Allies franchise?

    Just some ideas (basically to give you an idea what I mean):

    (1) Axis and Allies SF: Classic/retro-style UFOs. Yep. This has been metioned before by others. Turtledove (novelists) springs into my mind here…

    (2) Axis and Allies: Earth-2: Just Axis and Allies (and thus basically the same teams) on an fictional/hypothetical earth. Think about two Axis powers versus three Allied powers on a completely new map.
    This can then be a rather cheap expansion. As only a new map is needed. Though some new units (for the sake of spice/chrome) can be nice of course…

    (3) Axis and Allies: Alternative Timeline:
    Think: German WunderWaffe, Japanese secret bases, US superweapons, and so on.
    As (2) this can be rather cheap as only new units are needed. And maybe stuff like cards.

    And of course maybe (2) and (3) can be combined!

    Please share your ideas here. I am very curious what you come up with!

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    nope. I don’t think this was a success, in terms of sales.

    What you’re thinking of has been successfully deployed by the RISK and PANDEMIC franchises, I’d look to those.

  • @taamvan said in AAZ: similar games for Axis and Allies?:


    nope. I don’t think this was a success, in terms of sales.

    What makes you think that?

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    @Striker The reception among the hobby crowd is underwhelming. I’ve talked to few of my in-person AXA friends who have tried the game or have any interest in it. 5-6 people played at gencon vs 100+ for the other versions.

    I don’t see any posts about it on the FB groups with 2000+ members between them. There are some posts about the HBG Zombies version being ported into Global and Anniversary, but I think that set comes with its own stand alone pieces and markers.

    I was open minded, but the game has some major issues, and I think the zombie mechanic isn’t a great one. So for those who do play, I don’t see this one as a go-to game on a consistent basis.

  • @taamvan and @Striker

    Personally I wasn’t fond of the game when it was announced. My response was a bit like: what are they doing now (to Axis and Allies)?

    Still, I must say: the game has its merits. I don’t have any connection with the Z theme itself. But I do like the cards. And the new technologies and so on.
    If you only have some hours to play. No time for a bigger game like Global. Then a game like this can be a nice variation.
    So that’s why I asked: what other game variations COULD work?
    Or even more broadly: what other game variants can you imagine?

    I personally would like to see a kind of Alternative/Fictional World Map. What I called Earth-2. For me that would be very interesting as I always like to figure out new maps.

    I think Axis and Allies with new technologies. Call them: superweapons could work.
    And I even think there can be a market for that. With some nice new units. Maybe some counters/markers too. Yes, I can see this working actually.

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    Risk 2210 is an excellent variation on Risk. Risk Legacy is also supposed to be really fun. I’d look there.

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