Custom Global 1940 Reference Charts

  • So I designed and produced a custom set of reference charts for Global 1940. This project has been in the works for a while, something I work on periodically for stress relief. I wanted to post about it to see what you guys think.

    When it comes to board gaming, one of my favorite aspects is theme. A game has to be thematically pleasing, especially for historical games. I decided my Global game needed a little spicing up.

    I made double-sided charts for all nine nations. They feature pictures of the head of states and nation-specific symbols, propaganda slogans, and fonts. The front displays the build chart, order of turn, and turn sequence. The reverse side has the income and national objectives. I have found they work great for newer players who don’t have all the information memorized.

    The charts are matte laminated with a linen texture. I’m also working on charts for Anniversary and custom boxes with matching art, for all of the game pieces.

    I can post more of the charts, if anyone is interested. Anyway, please let me know what you think.

  • And, the Soviet Union…

  • Disciplinary Group Banned

    WOW, I like it! Keep up the good work!  8-)

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    This is really impressive! Please share more  😄

    Where did you get them printed at this high quality with a linen finish?

  • The charts are so official looking and totally awesome! Really wonderful work sir! How much do they cost to get printed and where do you get them printed? Simply the best I have ever come across! Thanks!

  • Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback! I love this game and I have certainly enjoyed making accessories for it.

    For some of the nations, I decided to go with the flag-based roundel instead of the standard roundel. For these nations I use the roundels from A&A 1914, and a custom map I am having printed will also have matching roundels. However, so as to not create confusion when not playing on the custom map, I’m also making a set with the standard roundels.

    I had these printed from This is my second go around with them as I created some custom tokens for another game, and so far I have had no issues with the quality of the print. The matte laminate really cuts down on glare and protects the print from frequent handling.

    Price depends. The more you order in bulk, the cheaper they are. This was my first proof run, so a set of nine charts ran me about $30 plus shipping.

    Here are a few more charts:

  • Hi and thanks so much for the charts that look amazing sir! Is there any way we can download these charts and laminate them in the near future? Best I have ever seen! Thank you for your dedication to yours and our favorite game!

  • Yes, absolutely. I can provide them as a PDF if you that works. I sent you a PM with my email address.

  • instead of a pic of the charts I see a x in a box for each of your entries.  i’m logged in and some posted stuff shows up like this for me but not all.

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    Instead of not having any link or pictures of this, how bout some pictures and a link?

  • @Macaoidh:

    Yes, absolutely. I can provide them as a PDF if you that works. I sent you a PM with my email address.

    Also, can you provide the parameters you used at so I can recreate, they look awesome!!

    Did you create PDFs for Anniversary edition as well?


  • Nice work Macaoidh!

    I’m currently working on a game overview for axis and allies globally.
    maybe you can combine this with your idea?

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