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    Just wondering if any of you know where i can find flags of various sizes that replicate the National Control Markers in the game.


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    Since you’re looking for multiple sizes, and therefore since you may have some very specific use requirements in mind, the best way to get exactly what you need is probably to make your own flags.  (I assume that by “flags” you’re referring to markers for tabletop map-board use, not to actual cloth flags to hang on a wall or fly from a flagpole.)  Making such markers is fairly straightforward: basically, you start by finding images of the roundels you want; then, you paste them into a Word document, print them out on a colour laser printer, cut them out with scissors and mount them in whatever way suits your purpose.  On a more detailed level, here are a few extra tips and techniques:

    • To get exactly the size (or sizes) that you want for your purposes, start by getting the clearest and biggest roundel pictures you can find, then shrink them to the required size.  Microsoft Paint has a picture-resizing function, but it sometimes affects picture quality; a better technique is to use Paint’s Magnifier function to choose a different viewing scale, then use the print screen key (or the PrintKey program, if you have it) to take a screen shot and paste it into a second Paint window, from there, cut the roundel out of the picture and paste it into your Word document.  Alternately, to get even finer size gradations, you can call up the roundel picture using the Windows Photo Viewer, minimize the window so that it only partially fills the screen, grab a corner of the window with your mouse, then drag the corner back and forth to expand or contract the window; the picture inside will grow or shrink accordingly.  When the picture looks the right size, take a screenshot of it and proceed as described above.  If the shot you’ve grabbed turns out to be the wrong size (it may take some experimentation) when you paste and print it, fiddle with the window size and try again.  To save on ink, print your size experiments in black and white, then print in colour once you’re satisfied with the final result.

    • To make your markers look more flag-like, start by drawing a black rectangle in Paint then paste the roundel into it.

    • In terms of mounting you flags, you have various options.  You can mount them on toothpicks; you can slot them into the plastic marker holders that come with some types wargames, or you can simply fold them into tent-like (inverted-V) shapes.  The latter option can be used to produce markers that display the flag symbol on both sides, which is handy when you’re walking around the gaming table.

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    I find these types of marker rather unimaginative as control indicators.

    My version of Conquest of the Empire combines control markers with “Governors”; i.e. instead of placing a generic faction marker you place a piece of your player colour with a name and portrait of an official representing the new governor of that province, who might have variable stats e.g. +1 combat/die re-rolls to be applied when fighting in defence of that province.

    A similar system could be used in modern era games with the governor replaced by a “General” who is considered in command of friendly forces in the tt. This character can take command of forces moving from that area into hostile tt, and if successful a new commander is taken to replace him. Generals captured in battle might score victory points. Naval commanders can be used to be placed in control of fleets “at sea”, though I don’t believe ships should ever be considered at sea between turns.

    Conversely, I’d move towards always having to have an infantry unit present to continue control of occupied tt. If you abandon an occupied area a native general/infantry unit is generated to take back control.

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