Birth Control Price Hike: $$$ or More Abortions?

  • @Baghdaddy:


    The more I observe, the more I am inclined toward heavily taxing abortion.

    In a theological government, banning it would be fine, but we have representative govm’t where not everyone is of the same faith or values.

    However, we should all be paying taxes.  Those of us who are healthy most likely get medical care at some point of our lives.  Healthy people can be more productive in the workplace.  Productive workplaces here will make our country strong.

    I am foremost a patriot and highly anti-communist.  Friends of mine place great value on freedom.

    The high cost of medical care is taking that freedom away.Â

    For the senior set, they only have the freedom of healthy poverty, or a short unhealthy life.
    The Ma-Gov that takes care of them is fiscally losing due to rapid retirements (income tax) and escalating expenses (MediCare, social security) by the baby boomers.  The replacement workers are not as many and, as many are just starting out, have lower payscales.  The lower income taxes will hurt our government, its programs, and the nation.

    As a nation, we do not want the birth rate to go down, because that is fewer workers, taxpayers, and leaders down the road. 
    The lower birth rates can be offset by immigration, by immigrants are not easily assimilated into our modern society.

    I think we should tax both… and let the revenues pay of the debts, maybe even build a surplus to Medicare and Social security.
    We should also restrict payouts.Â

    I think a 3-tier SS payout method should favor Veterans, and non-deployed GI’s over lay civilians.
    I think smoking should be used as screen for provision of medical care.
    We can also use that to screen out immigrants, since smokers, on average are not as productive in the workforce.

    Basically, anything good, or bad, we should structure our taxing and govmt spending systems to encourage everyone here to be better citizens, with a goal of building a stronger USA.

    Why is the government in the business of providing health insurance or retirement support? (Social security)

    What part of the constitution directs the federal government to do this?

    That is the reason for restrictive payouts that encourage better health habits by the populace.

    The retirement support favors employees with a good work history.  We would have a stable workforce if everybody had a good work history.  Stable workforces provide muscle for a strong nation.


    U.S. Constitution: Preamble

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquilityprovide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  • That is the preamble.

    Please show me where the Legislative, Executive, or Judicial is given broad and virtually unlimitted powers to do those very non-specific things.

  • 2007 AAR League


    U.S. Constitution: Preamble

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquilityprovide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Yep.  I have that memorized.

    No, it does not grant power or authority to the Federal government.

  • @Cmdr:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, Linkon, but if you draw that out further, you’d be in favor of taxing DINKs more heavily then traditional families, because they are financially more healthy and thus can “afford” more taxes?  (DINKs = Double Income, No Kids)

    I wouldn’t mind.  A lot of DINK families happen to be very liberal (as in like to spend the government’s money on everything under the sun, probably because they have the time to think of ways to spend the government’s money) while traditional families need more funding from “richer” families for government run day camp, government run schools, government run clinics for children, etc.

    My earlier posting suggested that the Government should heavily tax abortion.  DINK’s would be taxed on each abortion.  Parents who want no more kids should also be taxed heavily on each abortion.  Teens at the clinic should be heavily taxed on each abortion, although on this part, I suggest going after the irresponsible father.  Clinics would need to pay a hefty annual licencing fee.

    From a purely black and white point of view, I see abortion as a sin.  Many grey sins in this country are taxed, like cigarettes and alcohol.  I think abortion is more than 1000 times worse than a pack of cigarettes.  A simplistic approach would be to set the abortion tax to about 1000 times of whatever they tax a pack of camels.  The government can then cycle the generated funds from abortion back into the child tax credits with the tax system already in place.

    A consultant I work with did mention that no viable candidate would ever mention such a stance, because they would lose the major party nomination.  The ongoing debate on abortion is clouded by extremism on both sides, so compromise is not desired.  Try to name a major candidate that has ever mentioned taxing abortion.  Such a stance will draw vicious attacks and lose you over 90% of the votes from either major party.

    Not only that, taxpayers have to pay for either of the extremist stance.  Abortion clinic staffers put in jail costs taxpayer money.  Free abortions will likewise cost taxpayers a lot of money.  Such expenses weaken our nation.  Elected officials with wisdom should be looking for ways to control the budget.  Taxes have a strange way of affecting the population into changing their spending habits.

    Who knows?  Perhaps a third party will adopt the tax abortion stance.

    I personally do not like taxes or abortion, but divided we fall.  As a patriot, I dislike division in our great nation even more, because it makes us weak.  My personal views on those 2 issues are rather black and white.  Part of me thinks that a nation standing united under a gray area, can move on to solve bigger problems elsewhere in the world.

  • I sent an email to the Chicago Tribune about taxing abortions, last week.  No response yet.  Maybe it’s a press conspiracy to keep it extremely devisive.

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    Ahh another ‘secret’ thread thats political now tailored to fit into general discussion… Excellent. 😄

  • I just have three things to say….

    1. Jen is far swazy right… moderate my a$$. But she is more polite about it nowadays. Not to mention she has made statements that even surpised me.

    2. Abortion is a godsend and a curse. You be the judge of where each fits.

    3. I guess political discussions are totally back on the table? And not just for the election thread?

  • Actually, this is an ancient thread that someone resurrected (must have been SEVERAL pages back in GD…)

    I am debating locking it (and am in favor of doing so), but want other mods to also review it…

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    I am too moderate, every test I take puts me right in the middle or just slightly to the right.  Maybe you guys are just more liberal then you think?

    Anyway, Abortion rates have been dropping steadily since 2000.  Not just a little bit either, they are really, really dropping.  At this rate, I figure we have about 20 years until Abortion is a word for something women did before they used common sense and insisted on birth control.  Just like we used to study the shape of a man’s skull to determine if he was a criminal or not.

  • eh, I dunno Jen. Due to the appoximate measurement of your cranium in your photograph, you suffer from fabricated optimism.


    Anyway, it is good the abortions are dropping. But I am still not a Pro lifer.

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    I’m pro all life.  I don’t even believe in the death penalty.  Any act caused by humans that result in the death of other humans (as defined as anyone having human DNA that is living tissue and will or is a viable lifeform in and of itself, like a zygote or an African or an Asian, etc) that is NOT in the defense of yourself, your family or your country (As is the case in a declared war) is unethical.

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