How old are you and when did you start playing

  • How are you and when did you start playing.

  • I bought the nova game when it came out… but i stopped playing it when i thought i found a loophole by making a factory in china and placing all the us builds there… at least thats what i remember… i dont even know if it was in the rules… but i was clearly frustrated by this idea… along with the A bomb rule… so i stopped playing after thrashing my opponents and could play the axis anymore because now they lose every time. I am 41 if that matters…

  • My friend introduced me to the game when I was a freshman in high school.  Now I’m 22.  I don’t play as often as I’d like, but love the game nonetheless.  :mrgreen:

  • my grandpa used to play it with me all the time along time ago. good stuff. i am 23. i just started palying the mini. axis and allies a month ago. its hooked me big time.

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    I was introduced to AaA through a friend who showed me europe one afternoon… I loved the gaming system in general and now own Revised and D-Day… I aspire to produce some original thought board games in the future… I’m 17…


  • I’m fine, how about yourself?

    Started playing a few years ago.

  • I am 33.  I have been playing the game since it came out in 85 (remember it because the bears went to the super bowl that year).

    I ran into the same problems leader had, but the extra editions and house rules compinsated for a lot of that.  Revised I like a lot because it fixed many problems.  Still have no air to air combat, but oh well.  At least now the best US strategy isn’t to buy nothing but bombers.

  • Frosh or Soph in college when I started…23…age is a state of mind, however…I know little kids who will say the most profound things and 40-year-olds who need to grow the fduck up…not referring to anyone in particular on the forum though…created a sizeable posse out here in the desert…I’ve got about 6-7 regular players…we get down just about every weekend…good times :-D

  • justus, I phucking hate you.  :-D  :-P

  • I started playing around the time I was 13 or so, when I found an ancient copy of A&A 2nd Edition. Played off-and-on ever since, and have a decent collection by now, encompassing A&A 2nd, A&AR, A&AE, A&AP, A&AD, Risk 2210, Diplomacy (my favoritist game in the whole wide world :D), and a few others. Oh, and I’m 17 now.

  • Started back in boarding school ahh sixth grade? maybe seventh… entire weekends wasted playing just one game… ahh but then i got out of boarding school in the 9th grade and didn’t play again till my senior year of highschool, cause i just never met anyone who played in Kentucky.  i still remember how i met them, i was delivering pizza back in highschool… and i was delivering to one of the dorms at the local college and this disheveled college kid came down to get the pie… i asked why he looked so stressed… and he responded “i am playing germany in a board game” anyway i stayed down in the lobby talking to him for 15 mins getting a feel for the game and coaching him through his next few turns… needless to say he won that night off of a diversion tactic… and i found my group… we have been playing full groups of 5 here in Kentucky ever since for the last few years…plus or minus one or two players who go in and out of the circle… anyway i am 28 now

  • I’m 24, and originally played in middle school ('92-'94, God that seems so long ago…).  Didn’t really play much but had the game shortly after that.  Recently found some friends that enjoy playing Friday nights on occasion, but gets harder and harder to get together.

    Patton+, I’m also in Kentucky - Lexington to be exact.  Where ya located, and would you ever care to play (if possible)?

  • i would be willing to play everynight minus thursdays tuesdays and mondays… err acctually we play on mondays… wanna join us? were in berea …

  • I’m 19 and play AAR about one year ago for the first time. So, I guess I’m not only among the youngest Axis&Allies players, but also the only female player - at least the only one I know.

  • Well, I believe that  :-) happyface is a girl too.  Small world, no?

  • First played A&A in 1988 while in college.  Was always a “second” love though in terms of gaming… died-in-the-wool 1st edition D&D player since 1979.  Got away from A&A after college due to lack of people to game with.  Compensated with PC based games like the old Command HQ for my old 286 PC back in the early 90’s and have enjoyed the Hasbro PC version of A&A for several years now.  Still looking forward to Avalon Hill developing PC versions of the new variants; only way I’ll get to play them since there are no local folks here and my 4 year old PC does NOT like the Java of the Triple A version.

    Oh, and I am now 36, so playing off-and on nearly half my life.

  • I first started playing Axis and Allies when I was 10 years old. As I’ve posted elsewhere, we played with seriously misinterpreted rules, including:

    • Subs could attack aircraft
    • Combat movement and combat itself were combined; after deciding one combat you could choose another
    • The defender in a contested territory could use units stationed in adjacent territories to help defend

    In my first game, I played Allies and the first unit I bought as Russia was a Battleship (hey, I had 24 IPCs, so I figured why not?). I lost horribly.

    Anyway, I’ve been playing for 11 and a half years now; although I haven’t found too many opponents in my area, I discovered play-by-email just this past summer, and have been enjoying that quite a bit (I still prefer 2nd edition to AAR though).

  • :evil:
      I began in 93, palying risk.  A year later, I discovered AA.  Risk is for kids.  I have been playing ever since.  12/05, wow 11 years.  :evil:

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    yeah once Jen gets back from Training your numbers will be skyrocketing  :-D


  • 2007 AAR League

    Im 18 and started playing AAR 2 yrs ago. I only play online because my firends get tired of the long turns… they rather play risk lol. Anyways i own AAR, AAP, AAD and Battlecry. Making a boargame myself!! what can I say I love boardgames.

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