• I just played A&A yesterday with a friend. I thought I would lose as the Axis and I did, but not by much. Just a quick question, was it a good idea to throw the blunt of my forces on G2 and capture Caucuses? I used it to supply German troops straight into Russia and to take back any German territories Russia tried to take. I pretty much then played defense attacking the UK now and again. Then as Japan I tried to throw the blunt of my land forces toward Russia eventually surrounding Moscow. I only lost because FIC wasn’t defended enough. Is there anything else I did wrong?

  • 2007 AAR League

    Ah well, let´s see…

    If you can capture CAU and hold it from any counterattacks - you should pretty much always go for it imo.

    However, do not switch to defense in the Russian campaign…The axis must constantly march new troops to the russian front, to build up the force that makes it possible to go for the game-winning attack on Russia.

    The mission of Japan (provided that they are largely left alone in the Pacific) is bring enough forces towards Russia, that they can capture Russia, after it has been weakened by Germany.

  • Ok, cool! Thats means I didn’t do too much wrong.

  • As for getting the Caucuses early, it provides an excellent launching ground against Russia proper. If you can keep Caucuses, it most likely means Germany can mop up the rest of Russia and hopefully you have invested just enough to take most of Africa for the IPCs. This means Germany is loading up the cash and with that you can soften up Russia by launching small attacks every turn with tanks and a few infantry to soak up hits so ideally you are taking out basically what Russia is putting in there every turn given its low IPC count (btw, if Germany can take most of the western holdings in Russia, I would go with Japan all out against the rest of Russia as even the few IPCs it can capture can make the difference in the long run for Russian INF production which, as a purely defensive force, Russia is now most likely static with no spoiler attacks… they’re waiting to be saved by UK/ USA). I would probably go 4 tanks every turn in CAU but ONLY if you have the INF marching forward every turn from Germany proper to give you the fodder you need. You don’t want to set up a spoiler attack by what limited Russian forces might be left that could delay Germany just long enough to let the UK/ USA get in there.

    Keep pouring the INF across to the east and eventually you should have enough fodder + tanks to launch the decisive attack on Moscow even if you are allocating a few INF every turn to West Europe. I would agree that it is optimal if somehow you can ensure that Japan is the actual one to capture Moscow as this will really help you out production wise, so if you can get it where Germany hits Russia hard and reduces them to rubble AND neither the UK nor USA can reinforce enough, try and take Moscow with Japanese forces.

  • Perry and Kyrial are correct; if Germany is steadily advancing towards Moscow, then don’t ever go into defensive mode. (especially if you’ve taken and held Caucasus)

    In my opinion, the main goal of the Axis should be to take out Russia, so as long as you keep that as your ultimate goal, and also make sure to solidify your coastal fronts, then you should be alright.  Remember:  the only way US and UK can do any real damage is by amphibious assault.  🙂

  • Remember:  the only way US and UK can do any real damage is by amphibious assault.

    Well the problem is that you have a lot of coast to defend  😉

    Can you stop them from landing in Norway, Karelia, Archangel, Eastern Europe, Berlin, and Western Europe? Perhaps you can stop them from landing in the last 3 mentioned, but they can easily build up in Karelia/Norway.

  • Ok, cool. Thanks.

  • That’s true.  The other thing that sux about using Germany, besides the fact that they are usually the first target of the Allies, is the fact that their ENTIRE European empire is accessible by sea.  That being said, it almost comes down to the Nazis deciding which territories they can afford to lose, and in this case, I’d say Norway should be sacrificed first.  😐

  • Correction to my previous post:  I should’ve said the entire high value (IPC-wise) German empire.  That should make more sense now…  :lol:

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