Any good alternative setups?

  • Hello  😄
    A friend and I have been playing this game for a while now
    He’s playing axis and I play allies and it’s usually lots of fun.
    Though, we always seem to be using the same strategy, which is getting a bit boring.
    Especially the Soviet Union isn’t really fun to play anymore because it’s just spamming infantry every turn until the other 2 allies can turn the tide.
    Do you guys have any good different setups for the troops that it can be more fun to play with soviets but doesn’t break the balance of the game?


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    We are always trying different things.
    How about swap six Far Eastern troops for an Armour, two Art  and three Mech. You could also give the Russians 3 IPCs for each VP city it holds while at war.

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    Here’s a link to some. Although these are made for triplea you can obviously play them on the board as well. You might want some custom ipc markers for the TTs with different values though. I’m in the process of revamping these so they have their own zips. You won’t need to replace the whole global zip that way.

    Here’s one that changes Russia’s NOs


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