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1941\. and 1942 IPC differences . are they correct?

  • Hi friends

    I notice in the rules there are two year start setups for years 41 and 42.    It seems that the 42 IPC counts don’t match the board counts.
    Was there another board in the box or a expansion that was offered for purchase?

    I just completed one game of the 41 setup .  is the 42 setup ipcs given for the first turn only ,  then caLculate  based on board pics there after?

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    Hi and welcome malststom.
    The 42 set up reflects the Axis’ early war gains. There is no second map and none available for sale.  All you need do is place the relevant country’s Control Marker on the newly captured territory, as per the 42 set up.  As you said, it is best to add up at the end of each nation’s turn.
    Have I understood and answered your questions correctly?
    Anmiversary is a great game. Enjoy it.

  • thanks yes.  I have a re recreated board and not the game.  But that sounds right with changing territories.

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