Who has preordered already?

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    Thanks, I knew there was something I meant to post about - undermining!

    If an army of at least 6 units makes no attacks on a turn it may attempt to undermine the enemy (place a mining marker for each mine costing 1 IPC).

    If, at the beginning of its next turn, it still holds or contests the tt, it may attempt to explode the mines by rolling a d6 for each:

    For every roll of 1 the mine explodes prematurely and kills one of your own units.

    For a roll of 5 a mine destroys 1 enemy unit.

    For a roll of 6 a mine destroys 1 enemy unit.

    You must go ahead with any planned attack irrespective of mining results.

    Needs to be some rule covering enemy counter-mining.

  • Sounds interessting, but wouldn´t the enemy be warned when you place the minemarker that there will be an offensive next round ?

    By the way, did you ever thought of including something like Operation Alberich


    to shorten your frontline as CP including the policy of scorched earth so that no IPCs would remain for the enemy to conquer?

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    I suppose you can keep the mines there as long as you like, you don’t have to explode them next turn. If both sides on a settled frontier have placed mines it becomes something of a bluffing game.

    The longer you wait and buy mines, the bigger the explosion…

    Probably should be limited to just 1 mine per turn?

    Of course if you allow the enemy to build up a big stack its an extra incentive to attack on your own turn, in which case if you win the enemy has wasted his money.

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    Just had an idea on the subject of scorched earth….Since areas that were fought over in WW1 eventually turned into ‘lifeless moonscapes,’ it’d be kind of cool if the IPC values of contested tt’s gradually degraded, like maybe -1 IPC every 2 turns. Might be adding unnecessary complexity, but it adds the effect of contested tt’s eventually becoming literally worthless.

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    Yes a good idea, but not in this thread. Nobody will find this idea if it’s in this thread…

  • I ordered 3 copies…call me crazy, but I expect heavy play.

  • Does anyone know of a store in Denver or Salt Lake City that will distribute this game on release day?

  • Salt Lake you are kind of out of luck as has been my experience, you could try the handful of local stores (most are located in malls). A couple years ago you could pick up really any version, but last year they didn’t have either of the new releases. Note: I tend to go online as default so I wouldn’t consider myself the most effective person to hear this from.

    I’m desperately trying to get the cash to pre-order this game. Quick, which is more important? Helicopter lessons or Axis and Allies?

  • Does anyone have experience with preordering from CSI, like with how long they take to ship stuff?

  • @gperson2:

    Does anyone have experience with preordering from CSI, like with how long they take to ship stuff?

    I hope its quick.  I preordered from CSI a couple weeks ago.

  • The words getting out on Cool stuff inc. and it should it’s the way to go. I have ordered 6 times from them and will for the rest of these games whenever they come out.

  • CSI is offering a huge discount off MSRP, they are fast and pack well.
    I have ordered 1942 2nd edition, 1941, 1940 Europe/Pacific 1st and 2nd edition and Battle of the Bulge all from them
    Usually getting them a day before or a day after the release day. (at the latest)

    I would HIGHLY recommend them because you are getting $35 off MSRP
    AND free shipping if you order over $100 of stuff.

    I ordered 2 copies so I have extra chips, and extra pieces for my 1940 adventures. (Canada, Finland, Communist Chinese, etc.)

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    I also got mine from Cool Stuff, I traded in some surplus AA Miniatures for store credit, they give a 20% bonus if you choose the credit over cash. CS gives really good money for trade-ins.

    Like Flashman said, I’m banking on a 2nd edition next year so I only got 1 copy for now, and of course 3 Bandits High boosters to make it $100.  When are you board gamers going to start playing AA minis?  Sorry, different thread 😄

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