How you guys making your maps

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    So, seeing all these A&A spin-offs coming down, I wonder how you guys making your maps?  I designed a Cold War game years ago, but never got around to making a map.  I have no background in graphic design so am really at a loss of where even to begin.  Any good programs that a novice like me could use?

  • I’ve used Paintshop Pro with pretty good effects personally.  It takes some getting used to if you havn’t used many graphics programs though.

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    Pencil and paper are my mediums. I don’t have any expensive programs and I’m really cheap with printer ink. Two pieces of ristol board are $1 at the dollar store. I made an anniversary map by hand by finding a simple anniversary map and printing it off small size, I think it was 4 8 1/2 x 11 sheets and gridded it off and drew grids on the Bristol and drew it box by box. Dollar store paints and a sharpie.

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    I use Photoshop Elements.  Its not the best but it works.

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