Which of these 3 strategies is best?

  • Which one do you think is best an why?

  • Italy

    Its the smallest and easiest, also if it starts doing well it can increase the axis income by large amounts.

    But really you have to play to keep the Japanese and the Germans from winning more then killing any one power.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Hammer Italy until she’s broken/useless,
    Control Japan with US/ANZAC,
    Widdle Germany down to nothing - piece by piece.

  • '18

    I agree that Italy should be first.

  • Are you a specific country such as the U.S. Deciding or are you allies as the whole. Because Russia does not have the income to go after a Japan first. It would divert too much income from the German Barbossa.  Also ANZAC going for an Italy first would be nuts it would take them a few turns to assemble and then move units for an offensive.

    Also if you focus too much on one theatre the other theatre will win.

  • USA, Russia , Europe UK, and France (France wont really do anything)
    Kill Germany and Italy.

    Pacific Uk, ANZAC, Some small force of US control Japan. (China will die)

    When Germany and Italy are dead, Then go for Japan!

  • So your strategy is to aim for the European axis as did the Allies in WW2.  I guess Japan is a bunch of islands and there mainland is weaker makes sense

  • Customizer

    Yeah, Italy should be the first to be totally taken out, but you have to neutralize Japan first. You don’t have to actually take Japan out to make them no longer a threat. The US should build heavy in the Pacific for the first 2-3 rounds, mostly warships and air power, then start investing in troops to head over to Europe. A large US Naval presence in the Pacific should be able to over power the Japanese Navy as Japan will not be as able to replace losses as the US can. ANZAC can help by nibbling at the fringes of any Japanese Naval movements.
    If the Allies can manage to hold on to just one of the DEI islands, that will ruin the Japanese NO. The Chinese and Brits from India can whittle away at the already small amount of Japanese land troops. Perhaps even Russia can help out in the north, unless you called all those infantry back to Moscow.
    Also, the US should use lots of subs to do convoy damage. With Japan losing ground on the mainland, their navy either out of position or weakened too much and US with a large fleet in SZ 6, Japan will be making very little and not have the resources to become a real threat again. Even better is if US can take Iwo Jima or Korea, stage some bombers there and SBR the crap out of Japan’s IC, air and naval bases.
    With Japan in check like this, USA can send large amounts of men and equipment to Europe. Land in Rome and use the Italian factories to move north to Germany. German defenses shouldn’t be too heavy as they will be focusing so much on trying to take Moscow. If they do divert substantial resources to holding off the Americans and Brits, that clears the way for a Soviet push away from Moscow and possibly toward German territory. Either way, Berlin is eventually screwed.

  • Look for your opponent’s mistakes and exploit them.

  • Italy. It’s so easy and it gives you the actual historical situation of Germany having too much vulnerable coast.

  • Germany. They are like the Axis superpower and they always get tons of units.    Go for germany, but be wise they can always counter attack you.

  • None of them.
    First, prevent a Super Japan (US, INDIA, ANZAC)
    and keep Italy honest (UK)
    then open an western front to Germany to keep them from crushing the USSR (UK, US).
    Last: Win the game

  • So you split your forces and hope that the Axis doesn’t crush you?

    And letting UK ALONE handle Italy is a recipe for disaster with Sealion.

  • I’m sure you can give me more details on that “disaster”.
    There is a decent british flee stationed in the med, which should be able to keep Italy honest until at least turn 3. In addition, the strategic Bomber from London has almoust no value in defending, so utilize it against Italy.
    You can build up a decent defending force, without investing much more than the starting forces in the mediterran area and the strategic bomber.
    At turn 3, its quite clear if germany is heading towards sealion or barbarossa. If they go sealion, they will stand a hard fight and its not easy to achive victory (with the NEW setup) and if they achive it, its not a sure win of the game.

  • Well, the UK will slow down Italy, but with no builds/reinforcements from elsewhere, Italy will overwhelm them eventually and without US intervention it’ll go quickly to a 40-50 IPC Italy.

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