• Im playing with my friends today and one of them is playing the game for first time his playing Soviet union so could you tell me some simpple Soviet strategies that he could use.

  • 1. don’t be a stacker, don’t buy INF only.
    Of course Russia needs a lot of INF, but make sure you have some counter-attack options. Make every move for Germany risky. So buy some units with attack power. Artillery is great (cheap and boosts up your inf, a few tanks for fast deployment. Personally i like to invest in planes. Fighters are better then tanks because you don’t risk to lose them, plus they give great defence, which you will eventually need. And an occasional bomber has excellent reach and punch. Together with inf/art they are IMO better than 2 tanks (since most tanks die after u use them). If Moscow is in severe danger, evacuate the bomber.

    2. do. not. buy. fleet. 🙂
    (unless your more experienced UK player specifically asks for it) Sounds silly but some rookies will be tempted to buy ships.

    3. watch out for the italian can-opener!!
    The combination of italian & german tank/mechs/planes can rip your blocking defence open and do alot of damage (even make Moscow fall), this is typically something a new player will overlook.

    4. If things go well, don’t be shy to help out China and send a small force over (tank/mech/tactical bomber)

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    Special forces is right, personaly I choose a few fighters instead of artillery or tanks, because when you counter attack you can keep them away from the front, plus when it comes time to defend the capital, can’t beat having a few rolls @4. Also, scatter 1 infantry in each territory when pulling back as it prevents blitzing and forces them to earn every mile, confront his stack with yours to early, or leave most of your infantry where it can be reached.

  • All good advice (above). One other thing that can be a problem is stacking Leningrad w/inf. Yeah you need to try and hold it, but those inf (in Leningrad) will be late to the party in Moscow (if the Germans punch straight through w/o being delayed). Plus the southern route is worth more w/oil bonuses and has the Ukraine IC. The Germans can also build minors on Russian soil in the south (w/2 IPC tt’s). If you are going to lose a minor IC, balance out between defending it, and the counter attack to recover it. Its ok to lose a minor IC, as long as they can’t use it for a few rounds (it’s all about delaying them as long as possible, until help arrives). Sometimes it’s better to trade an IC, then lose all you have in the area.

    Italian can-opener can be a real problem (as noted). If the Italians open up tt’s, it also allows the Germans to land air to def their stack against hit & run counter attacks. Depending on what the Italians have, you may want to leave more then 1-2 inf as blockers (don’t over do it) so the deeper the Italians get, the fewer ground units they will have (killed along the way).

    A few ftrs (maybe a tac or two) is good advise. As noted it keeps tanks off the front lines, and you’ll need the ftrs for the end game. I also like to have a few mech/tanks for mobility in case they break-through, and I need to chase them down. A German tank blitzing to the far east is a killer, if they break-through at Leningrad, or amphib behind you from sz 127.

    Keep an eye on those sneaky Japs, and get your allies involved. You can’t defend against a concentrated German Barbarossa, and the Japs hitting you from behind. At least get help dealing w/Japs, and a few allied ftrs to def your strong holds. That 5 IPC NO for no help is rarely achieved anyway, and chances are you will be facing all the axis powers at some point.

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    Russia should only worry about some of this and let their allies take care of some. The UK must stack London with new units (infantry and fighters), and be very aggressive in the Med with their start up units (including the ships in the Indian ocean)so not to allow Italy into the middle east, the US must destroy the Japanese fleet to stop it from conducting an amphibious assault on Calcutta, so that the factory there can help support the Russian flank in the south. Russia should not sacrifice an infantry stack holding Leningrad, pull back for the defense of Moscow (40 land units + 7 fighters).

  • @Young:

    Also, scatter 1 infantry in each territory when pulling back as it prevents blitzing and forces them to earn every mile, confront his stack with yours to early, or leave most of your infantry where it can be reached.

    Let me add that not every zone that the enemy can reach needs an INF as a blocker.
    In certain places (in case there aren’t a LOT of german tanks), leaving certain territories open is ok, trying to single out some tanks and finishing them off with some INF + air force. Of course not every German will take the baitl.

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