OOB Vs Alpha Versions

  • Hi everyone, I’m relatively new to axis and allies. I’ve played about four games of the global version with the oob rules and the axis have won once in a long grueling game and the rest of the time the allies have won in landslide victories. I understand now after this experience and reading post that the OOb rules are a biased towards the Allies lol

    I understand that the Alpha versions make the game a little more balanced so I just want suggestions on which Alpha version to use to make the game the most balanced for next time. After reading it seems a lot of people really like Alpha +2 but I know that Alpha+3 is relatively new.  I know everyone has their own opinions on which Alpha to use but I would just like to hear them and what version people think is the best/most fun/balanced

  • Use the latest version as it is the most balanced.

    Find it on the larryharris site http://harrisgamedesign.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=6149

  • Alpha+3 changed several things that I think make the game better. Some may say it didn’t go far enough, but that’s what house rules are for  😄

    The biggest change from OOB to the alphas IMO is how airbase scramble works now. Limits of 3 planes per airbase, and being able to scramble from coastal airbases is awesome if you haven’t used it that way.

    The highlights for Alpha+3 that changed from Alpha+2 are:

    *UK naval rearrangement around England
    *Italian ships moved to sz96
    *Air bases striped from Gib & Malta (no air cover for allied ships w/scramble in Alphas)
    *AA guns are limited to 3 shots, and can be taken as a casualty (makes them more like a unit now IMO)
    *Mongolian rules added for Russian/Jap Nap
    *Bombers added to Germany, Italy, and UK
    *Tweaks to convoy
    *Tweaks to SBR (strategic bombing runs)
    *Minor NO tweaks for several powers
    *Anzac going after Italy (doesn’t make much difference in Pac, but could in the Med with bigger Anz presence).

  • After hearing this I’m definitely going to print out Alpha+3 and try them this weekend when I play again.
    Thanks a lot for the advice!

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