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    Does any one have any house rules for Rail guns for Axis & Allies.
    Long ago I had some but forgot what I did.

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    They only made 2 of these and only Germany had the technology or the need, as these were used to bomb Sevastopol in 1942 and they were not used again.

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    Thanks for the History lesson IL.
    I am quite aware of their use and massive amounts of manpower that was used to move, assemble fire, and guard these guns.
    Germany did a lot of “Big Bertha” kind of stuff.
    It is no different than house rules using the “Maus” I have seen posted.

    Does anybody have any house rules using “Rail Guns”

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    This would be a German NA:

    One artillery unit can be allocated as a rail gun. It has a range of 2 spaces ( including over Seazones– e.g. England) to fire and if it rolls a one, it can select the LAND unit that is destroyed. It can move anywhere within contiguously connected territories during NCM and may not get transferred on a transport. If it is destroyed a new one for 6 IPC can be built (at a factory) but never more than one on the map at a time.

    If using the blockhouse house rule, it can destroy the blockhouse also by rolling a 1.

    So the only way to get one in Africa would be for Germany to build a factory first, then get the other one destroyed

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    How about this.
    The rail gun fires one space every other round of combat. So if you are fighting 4 rounds, it would fire twice.

    Attack 5 (A little stronger than a Battleship)
    Defend 1 (They usually had AA assigned to them)
    Move 1

  • how much would they cost

  • They only made 2 of these and only Germany had the technology or the need, as these were used to bomb Sevastopol in 1942 and they were not used again.

    If i’m not wrong, Gustav and/or Dora was also used to bombed england.

    Rail cannon didn’t have any impact in the war so I not sure if it’s necessary.

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    Dora was the second gun to be produced. It was deployed briefly against Stalingrad, where the gun arrived at its emplacement 15 kilometers (9 miles) to the west of the city sometime in mid-August 1942. It was ready to fire on 13 September. It was quickly withdrawn, however, when Soviet encirclement threatened. When the Germans began their long retreat they took Dora with them. Dora was broken up before the end of the war, being discovered in the west by American troops some time after the discovery of Schwerer Gustav.

    In February 1942 Heavy Artillery Unit (E) 672 reorganized and went on the march, and Schwerer Gustav began its long ride to the Crimea. The train carrying the gun was of 25 cars, a total length of 1.5 kilometers. The gun reached the Perekop Isthmus in early March 1942, where it was held until early April. A special railway spur line was built to the Simferopol-Sevastopol  railway 16 kilometers (10 miles) north of the target, at the end of which four semi-circular tracks were built specially for the Gustav to traverse. Outer tracks were required for the cranes which would have assembled Gustav.

    The siege of Sevastopol was to be the gun’s first combat test. Installation began in early May, and by 5 June the gun was ready to fire. The following targets were engaged:

    * 5 June
              o Coastal guns at a range of 25,000 m. Eight shells fired.
              o Fort Stalin. Six shells fired.
        * 6 June
              o Fort Molotov. Seven shells fired.
              o The White Cliff: an undersea ammunition magazine in Severnaya Bay. The magazine was sited 30 meters under the sea with at least 10 meters of concrete protection. After nine shells were fired, the magazine was ruined and one of the boats in the bay sunk.[3]
        * 7 June
              o Firing in support of an infantry attack on Sudwestspitze, an outlying fortification. Seven shells fired.
        * 11 June
              o Fort Siberia. Five shells fired.
        * 17 June
              o Fort Maxim Gorki and its coastal battery. Five shells fired.

    so they we not fired at london. Their collective contribution is totally negligible to anything represented in AA, but add armies of them as you like.

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