Need help with custom unit design: Anti-Tank Gun

  • I want to make a new unit for classic/revised Axis and Allies called the Anti-Tank Gun.  I am thinking about making a land unit type of piece like an Artillery instead of a stationary unit like an AA gun.  I need to come up with the stats like Cost, Move, Attack and Defend.

    Some additional rules would be that it can only attack land units (can’t shoot planes), and you can’t win a territory with just an ATG.  It has no additional range besides the property that it is attacking.  Can’t fire Rockets.  Movement of 2 spaces.

    But about the Attack and Defend?  Should it be something that is strong on attack and defence, but would be expensive, like 4 Attack/4 Defend and 10 IPC’s?  Or should it only be strong on attacks like rolling a 3 or 4, but weak on defense rolling a 2 or less, but costs alittle less, maybe 4-6 IPC’s?

    What do you think?

  • Yea we got that unit in AARHE its called S.P.A.

    Self Propelled Artillery representing elephants, humel, Jagpanther, SU-series tanks, Jackson tank destroyer M-10, etc…

    when they hot the hit goes against another armor, mech, or artillery before an infantry

    Look up what we got for them.

  • I only found the one which was a new tech.  But I didn’t see any stats for it like cost, move, attack and defend.

  • Page 16 and 17

    Self-propelled Artillery (optional unit) You may build Self-propelled Artillery for 5 IPC. They attack
    at 3, defend at 2, and move 2. They increase Infantry’s attack by 1 on a 1-to-1 basis.

    Its a technology. Germany has 3 boxes developed and Soviets one.

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