Anti-Aircraft Guns and Heavy Artillery

  • back to Antiaircraft guns…

    Artifical limit of 1 AA/territory should be removed, antiair density should be modelled —> allow up to 3

    Abstract firepower of AA should be removed, overwhelming air power should be modelled —> allow up to 3 targets per AA

    AA shouldn’t shuffle around —> can’t shoot before deployment, can’t move after deployment

    hows that?

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    WEll i have to place my older post in context with that game concept. Your concept is great, except I am still unsettled with the 3 rolls thing… it brings a threshold of greater than 10% losses over the course of the game. I love the rolling 2 seperate dice thing. thats good.

  • The rate isn’t really a problem. We can adjust it easily.  :lol:

    At the moment if you attack with 5 or more planes its 10% chance or less. (Against 1 AA)
    If its a problem we just use a D12 dice or something.

    The 3 rolls too can be adjusted. NOT to fit a target rate, but according to targetting ability of WWII flak.

    My position is just to model saturation and antiaircraft density.

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    OK so what you mean is like for every “3 planes you get one AA roll?” so 9 planes get 3 rolls? i love this! now thats a great concept!

  • Eh, no.
    If you get one roll for every 3 planes then thats is back to the old “chance of hits is proportional to number of planes” of OOB which gives AA unlimited damage.

    I am saying up to 3 rolls for every AA. It doesn’t matter how many rolls. What matters is that every AA can only target up to 3 planes.

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    OH ok got it.

  • Now you got me worried.
    So what do you think of it?

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    Well its the very same rule i have in at least one of my games… it cant be that bad! Remember we are working with others and all these proposals will be considered. You have my vote unless something better comes along. Also, I only favor the AA action from a “built in” platform I dont want stand alone AA guns. SO the rule i like was where you roll:

    roll one  d6 if you roll a 1 , then you roll again if you roll a 1 the plane is destroyed, if you roll a two the plane has to return to base ( damaged and cant drop its payload) results of 3-6 no effect.

    Max rolls are one roll for every 2 planes, total max is 3 total rolls ( so 9 planes get 3 rolls).

    Also jet fighters/bombers  cant be hit by AA guns

    AA guns are built into IC and or VC territories ( maybe only capitals and IC).

    again some of this is from you…

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