Starting IPC values?

  • I generally hope that the bonus IPC favors the axis. Cuz as it is now the IPC advantage of the Allies is HUGE in the 41 senario.

    Axis: Japan 17, Germany 31, Italy 10 =  58
    Allies: UK: 43, US: 40, Russia:30      = 113
    In addition the allies gets FREE infanteri in china every single turn.

    I now that the setup and position of start pieces is very important, but from the pictures russia starts preaty strong in the 41 senario. Japan starts with a huge navy with 3 Carriers but lone carriers are now extremly wounderable to subs. Thats a great boost to the game however balance wise it means that Japan needs to build escorts for their carriers. Having only 17IPC to start with, that might be kind of tricy. Russia starts of with mostly infanteri, which means they might have a hard time hiting back 1st turn. However if russia builds artellery/tanks 1st turn I geuss that russia will very soon (round 2) start to kick Germany out of Russia.

    The starting IPC difference are simply to huge. The only thing that can balance the game is the national bonus IPC.

    I hope they have playtested the game, but so far I actually fear the worst.

  • @timerover51:


    Bear in mind that National Objectives will add to these numbers.

    US National Objectives give the US zip until virtually the end of the game, and you know that Krieghund, so quit claiming that as a balance.  Between butchering the US and UK fleets and this, the only Allied option is getting Heavy Bombers fast.


    Given the starting IPC, best game for the Axis maybe.  As for Krieghund, he is probably laughing his head off at us.  Since he has provided information about the game, he has NOT SIGNED ANY FORM OF A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT, which is customary for individuals who assisted in developing a game to sign if a company wishes information to be kept confidential.  He can tell us anything that he likes, but is simply holding out and letting the rest of us dangle in the wind while he gets his jollies.

    You have no idea what he has signed or not signed, nor any idea of what the victory bonuses are. Moreover, even if the USA got bonuses, you are already on record as wanting the axis to have no shot at winning, so any bonus is already not enough for you.

    You should lay off him, expecially when your views have been pretty insulting to IL and others already.

    And AAAv is clearly A&A Aniv. Which is what I will continue to use.  😄

    That said, IIRC, USA gets bonuses for just holding onto East West and Central USA. So they get a “cheese” bonus right from the start that they are likely never to lose. How is that for allied help…

  • /squirecam

    Thanks for the update on Nat objectives! If you have more you remember then please contribute to that thread, I will update my original post as more info comes in.

  • @Lynxes:


    Thanks for the update on Nat objectives! If you have more you remember then please contribute to that thread, I will update my original post as more info comes in.

    Yeah, you put up some good guesses.

    As to the list, I took a quick look. USA will not get a bonus for Italy. Italy gets a bonus for Italy, but I dont think any other country does. USA does get a bonus for France, as you have stated.

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    Ok thats enough… offending posts have been eliminated. If threads turn into sidetracks they will be closed.

  • Without bonuses, I must realy say that the axis are doomed from the start.

    -No allied troops in russia is a very nice part of a russian bonus 🙂
    -US holding on to USA is a realy lame bonus.
    -That Japan only needs 4 out of 6 etc. for his bonuses helps. Cuz Japan realy realy needs the boost.

    But I’m geussing that Germany Italy and Japan could get one bonus first round, but I’m also geussing that
    the allies also gets a few bonuses. Maybe the axis could get +10 or +15 more on bonuses than the allies, but that
    does not make up for the fact that the allies gets 55 extra cash to begin with!

    -The starting peaces of allies has been estimated be more worth than their Allies counter part.

    -The russian army in 1941 senario seems to be weak as it almost only includes infanteri. But that could realy easily be fixed for round 2.

    -The japanees navy seems strong, but with few Destroyers, its realy realy wounderable to submarines.

    I realy am starting to get a realy bad feeling about the balance of this game, cuz the starting potition does not seem to
    favor the axis enough to compansate for atleast 40 less IPC to start with.

  • I am starting to think it is the strongest position the axis has ever been. Now if we only knew all the bonuses……

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