• I don’t know if this has been talked about but I noticed on the Gencon picture that there are two AA guns (one in India, and 1 in Aus.). It got me to thinking, since we know the setup is not correct, could there be a starting IC at either or both of those places?

    What would that do for UK? Would it make them too powerful? or would it be too difficult for the UK to protect them?

    It could definitely force a fight in the Pacific, and weaken the UK fight in Europe. USA would have to guard Austrailia and Uk would have to defend India, while Japan went hard after one of them.

    Of course it is all speculation, but we need something to do for 2 weeks…

  • '19 '15 '14

    I hope so.

    I favor starting factories as a balancing mechanism 😄

  • I hope Australia and India start with IC. I have always asked for this. Makes the Pacific more important and gives it more of a Axis and Allies Pacific flavor. The fact is these territories could field and train their own troops. They should not be easily conquered and should be endgame scenerios if they are conquered like in AAP. By the way give Canada an IC too!

  • If allies get IC in India or Australia, then axis must get some more units also, or they got higher ipc values on some TT’s, this item I haven’t thought of before it came up during the discussion of the gencon pictures vs the real setup.

    As we all know  :roll:  the gencon setup gives allies advantage uisng OOB rules. With NOs this might change, but I don’t think the NOs will make a significant change to the extent that if we’re using NOs then allies will be needing bids.

  • Yes, give the axis a few more troops or whatever you have to keep it balanced but, Australia, India, and Canada should start with an IC. Maybe have them allowed to have limited builds because they are victory cities. Like Infantry, Artillery, transports, subs, and destroyers and maybe Cruisers and fighters. No bombers, armor, carriers, Battleships. AA50 should have been like Europe and Pacific combined. India, Australia, and Canada all start with factories.

  • I totally agree that E. Canada and Australia (Why in the world isn’t Australia a 3 for IPC production?) should both start with ICs.  (I would probably agree with India’s starting with one, but I personally haven’t read a lot about the Indian front in WWII.)  What about Austria-Hungary’s army and war production which was used and controlled by Germany?  So, Czech-Hungary should also have an IC.  Maybe even Okinawa should also start with an IC for Japan.

  • @Subotai:

    As we all know  :roll:   the gencon setup gives allies advantage uisng OOB rules. With NOs this might change, but I don’t think the NOs will make a significant change to the extent that if we’re using NOs then allies will be needing bids.

    With NOs, the gencon setup (BGG) favors heavy the axis, mainly Japan, because of almost zero chance of China surviving Japan 1, that leads to zero chance of holding India, that leads to a very slim chance of USA for beating Japan’s fleet, that leads sure axis victory 90% of time (pick your choice, classical Moscow or Alaska path), and don’t even talk about allies trying ignore that Godzilla, that’s 100% axis victory unless crazy dice or moron axis playes. Maybe without NOs allies have a chance, not sure, but main problem is still there: a sparring China who cannot do nothing more than give free IPCs to Japan, and Alaska path is still there to prevent a ignore Godzilla strat (classical Moscow path would probably work still). China would need heavy bids (at least 12, probably more) in this supposed setup to balance the game. But I’m sure that Larry made a far better work, as did in Revised.

  • Well, I don’t think we can say either way if the game favors one side or the other if the setup is incorrect. Hopefully it is balanced or is close. Hopefully in the true setup India and Australia and Canada have an IC. I doubt it but a man can always dream. If it doesn’t I will try to house rule them in but, that leads to trying to rebalance the game. If of course it was balanced in the first place. Hopefully China’s setup gives them a fighting chance. I don’t want to see Japan able to defeat them in 2 rounds. Being able to beat China should be an endgame scenerio for the Axis. It should play out more like AAP.

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