Need help finding a version of AA: Europe

  • Hi, I’ve been looking around to buy AA: Europe, but different pictures show different versions of the game.  Some versions showed the US, UK, and USSR vs. Axis Europe, but the version I want showed the US, UK, USSR. vs. Germany and Italy, with Italy clearly marked on the map with a completely separate light blue/teal Italian Army/Navy.  I was wondering if anyone knows how I can find a version of AA: Europe with the Italian state and armed forces included?  The pics I found:

    Thanks, I’d appreciate any help I can get.

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    The version with Italy is a house rules version or variant edition. It is not officially from Avalon Hill. If you look on Ebay or go to your local game shop you will locate an official version which does not have Italy.

    To get the version with Italy you will need to assemble the pieces yourself from official versions or vendors who create additional pieces and print up your own map.

    Check out the Variants forums and House rules forums, you should be able to get in touch with guys (Imperious Leader always seems to be in the know on that stuff) or gals (do we have any gals besides Jen?) who can help you out.

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    That’s a very interesting game board for a A&AE alternative. That would be a lot of fun if that map and Italian pieces were available for purchase. Let us know if you come across a link where these can be acquired. It would certainly add a good twist to the game.

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    you just repaint British pieces. thats the current way to do it.

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    Cool. I will just have to pick up some extra UK pieces. Do you know if the A&AE map with Italy and it’s holdings, as in the previous post links, can be found? Or have you just improvised your existing A&AE map? Thanks for the help.

  • ill play

  • Here is the rule set as posted on Craig at the old axisdomain (same place you can download a jpg of the map)

    I have played a couple of games - very intense - fun!

    These rules that follow are used with the AAE rules plus the assumed AARevised changes (such as DD firing “2” for shore bombardment, and - you decide w/opponent - TPs carrying 1arm + 1 additional unit).

    I have initial setup spreadsheet, also. If someone would tell me how to post it here, great - - or just go to axisdomain & you can still download this stuff. (while playing, we noticed 1 or 2 miscounts in the starting IPCs - the rules as pasted in below reflect our corrections of that.)

    Anyway here’s where “Craig” posted his fine work:


    And the best news of all on axisdomain - - there is a MOT file!!! - - download Advanced_AAE.udm - - and somewhere out there is also some dicey program that richyj had worked up to accommodate the special rules for Fortifications, Double-Attack subs (those are standard), etc.

    Here ya go:

    AAAE Rules
    Advanced Axis and Allies Europe

    (Version 2.2)
    This game uses all of the original rules of Avalon Hill’s Axis and Allies Europe with the addition of the following rules:

    Map board:
    Use the Advanced Axis & Allies Europe map board.

    Refer to the Advanced AAE Setup sheet.

    Victory Conditions:

    ·          Military victory if the Axis player controls any of the following at the beginning of Germany’s turn:

    1. Moscow, Stalingrad, and Leningrad
    2. London and Cairo
    3. Washington D.C.
      ·          Economic victory if combined German and Italian income is 120 IPC or more at the beginning of Germany’s turn.

    ·          Military victory if the Allied player controls the following at the end of Germany’s turn:

    1. Berlin and Rome
      ·          Economic victory if German income is 25 IPC or less at the end of Germany’s turn.

    Turn order:

    Starting IPC’s:
    Germany: 48
    Italy: 21
    Russia: 50 - - (Siberia-Urals count: 5/10, not 2/12 - map is wrong)
    Britain: 34
    British MidEast:  16
    USA: 60

    Special Rules:

    ·          Italy is played as a separate country. 
    ·          Income is separate and can only be spent on Italian controlled complexes.

    US pre-war restriction:
    ·          US only gets half of its IPC value for the first 3 turns. Collects full income at the end of round 4.

    USSR first turn restriction:
    ·          Russia only gets half of its IPC value for the initial setup income.  Collects full income at the end of round 1.

    German surprise attack:
    ·          During Germany’s first turn Russian units in the light-red colored Russian areas do not get to roll for the first round of combat. : Territories: VYBorg, BAltic States, Eastern POland, BESsarabia.

    British MidEast Oil Region:
    ·          Only the Middle-Eastern oil territory IPC’s and Mediterranean Convoy Zone can be spent at the British complexes in Cairo and Trans-Jordan. There is no capital for this region. It is played as a separate country.
    ·          Oil Convoys:  Up to a total of 6 IPC’s per turn can be designated for shipment to Britain during the purchase phase.  The German player rolls 1 dice for each IPC.  Each roll of 2 or less destroys 1 IPC.  The British player will receive the remaining IPC’s at the end of the turn during the collect income phase. Either the Mediterranean Convoy or Cairo must be held to send an oil shipment.

    Industrial Complex Production Limit:
    ·          Placement of purchased units is LIMITED to IPC VALUE of the territory. 
    ·          All complexes can build any units.

    Soviet Far East Recall:
    ·          At the end of the third turn Russia receives the following units in Siberia:
    6 Infantry, 3 Armor, 1 Artillery, 1 Fighter.
    ·          In addition the Siberian territory increases from 5 IPCs to a value of 10 IPCs.

    Neutral Countries:
    ·          If any neutral country is invaded then immediately place the following units in the territory under attack and all adjacent neutral territories.
    -If the neutral territory value is 2 then place:  3 Inf,  1 Fighter
    -If the neutral territory value is 1 then place:  2 Inf 
    ·          All remaining units are converted to the defending players control after combat is completed.
    o         The defending player may choose which country’s units will be used for the conversions.
    ·          Over-flights by any aircraft are considered to be a violation of neutrality.
    ·          Passing through the Straits into the Black Sea will activate the Turkish forces.

    Country-specific special abilities:

    German Armor: 
    ·          All German tanks defend with a 3

    German WolfPack: 
    ·        Germany receives +1 SUB every round on unit Placement Phase.

    Russian Artillery:
    ·          All Russian artillery pieces support 2 infantry.

    US Marines:
    ·          All US infantry units attack at a 2 during amphibious assaults.

    British RAF:
    ·          British fighters in London, United Kingdom, and Scotland defend at a 6.

    Land Rules:

    ·          Fortifications cost 2 IPC each. 
    ·          They may be placed on any territory that was friendly controlled at the beginning of the current players turn. 
    ·          A maximum of one fortification can be placed per turn per territory.
    ·          There must be at least two infantry units in the space to build.
    ·          Building a fortification does not inhibit Infantry movement/combat.
    ·          Fortifications do not attack or defend but can be used as causalities.
    ·          Each fortification increases one infantry to defend with a 3.
    ·          An unlimited amount of fortifications can be built in any space.
    ·          Fortifications can be captured if the defending space is unoccupied by enemy units.
    Strategic rail movement:
    ·          Each country receives 5 Rail Points.
    ·          Each rail point allows one land unit to move up to 4 spaces during non-combat movement. 
    ·          The player must move to territories that were friendly-controlled at the beginning of the current players turn.
    ·          Strategic Rail movement points must be used each turn and may not be saved.  Any unused points are lost.

    • Strategic Rail cannot be used for African & Middle Eastern countries.
      Armor Blitz movement:
      ·          Any tanks that move only one space into combat during combat movement may then move one additional space during non-combat movement into a friendly controlled territory.

    Air Rules:

    Strategic bombing:
    ·          Damage is limited to IPC value of the territory.
    ·          Each hit point of damage reduces the production of the complex by one if not repaired. 
    ·          For each hit point of damage the controlling player has the option to repair by paying 2 IPC’s per damage point to the bank at the beginning of the turn.  It can be utilized in the same turn as repair.
    ·          Escort rules are not used.
    ·          IC will remain damaged until fixed regardless of the owner.
    Naval air attacks:
    ·          Land based fighters involved in naval battles attack with a 2 or less.
    ·          Land based fighters involved in land battles attack with a 3 or less.
    ·          Carrier based fighters involved in naval battles attack ships with a 3 or less.
    ·          Carrier based fighters involved in land battles attack with a 2 or less.
    Limited air combat movement:
    ·          Fighters have a limited movement of 2 spaces, and bombers are limited to 3 spaces during the combat movement phase.

    MAP Clarification:

    Switzerland & Eire:  these territories are off limits

    Vichy France:  belongs to Italy

    Naval Rules:

    Convoy zones:
    ·          All convoy zones start with 1 transport. 
    o         At least one transport must be in the convoy zone to collect income for the space. 
    o         If the transport is moved out or destroyed then no income is received for that convoy zone.
    ·          US transports may supply British convoy zones.

    Russian convoy zone:
    ·          The US player may provide a lend-lease of 4 IPC’s for each US transport in the Russian convoy zone.
    ·          The maximum number of transports that are eligible to provide lend-lease is three.
    ·          All lend-lease money is paid from the current IPC’s on-hand from the US player at the beginning of the US players turn.

    Amphibious Assault:
    ·          During amphibious assaults the attacking Amphib-Units do not get to fire for the first round of combat.
    ·          Naval bombardment and aircraft may attack normally.
    ·          Land & Amphibious units attacking simultaneously: Only the Amphib-Units are restricted for first round AND only the Amphib-Units cannot retreat.

    · Subs can move through any occupied sea zone unimpeded into an adjacent sea zone (movement of 2).
    ·          Surface ships may move through any sea zone that is only occupied by enemy subs.
    ·        Maximum of 3 ‘friendly’ subs per sea zone at the end of ANY phase.
    · Subs may be used as casualties in the first round of battle even if the ‘HIT’ was something that could not normally attack a sub. This is not mandatory.
    ·      Subs can only have 1 round of combat.
    ·      Subs fire 2 dice at 2 or less during attack for one round of combat. (2 hits = 2 hits)
    ·          Subs fire 1 dice at 2 or less for defence for one round of combat.
    ·        Subs must submerge after combat (attack or defend) in the same round.
    ·        Only destroyers and carrier-based fighters may defend against subs.
    Only destroyers, carrier-based fighters, and bombers may attack subs.
    Subs may attempt a special sneak attack against Capital ships (BB or AC).
    o         Each sub that attempts this kind of attack must first role a 3 or less to determine if it can make it through the fleet’s escort screen and may then make an attack against the Capital ships.
    o For every two defending destroyers in the sea zone, one sub is blocked.
    o         The defending player chooses causalities against any of the Capital ships present.
    o         ONLY destroyers in the sea zone may still fire back at the subs.
    o         These special attacks are completed before any remaining battles in that sea zone. All surviving defending ships involved on the capital ship combat sequence are returned to main battle in sea zone to continue regular combat.

    Straits of Gibraltar:
    ·          Gibraltar must be controlled to move ships between Eastern and Western Strait of Gibraltar.

    Baltic Sea:
    ·         Denmark must be controlled to move ships between the Danish Sea and the Baltic Sea.
    ·         Control of Denmark is necessary for any Amphibious Assaults from the Danish Sea into West Germany.

    Suez Canal:
    ·         If a country controls EGYPT, it can move naval units through the Suez Canal (one Movement point) between the Red Sea and East Med.

    South African Sea Route:
    Ships may travel between the Atlantic to the Red Sea around the Cape of Good Hope. (5 Movements). Starting in the South Atlantic there are then 4 virtual sea zone spaces with the fifth sea zone move is into the Red Sea.

    Straits of  Western Turkey:
            ·          Ships Passing through the Straits into the Black Sea will activate the Turkish forces.
            ·          After Neutral country is activated, occupation of Western Turkey is necessary to use the Straits


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    This belongs in house rule section. Not here…

  • OK - I don’t want to mess up the boards and I’m not sure how to relocate this thread to another forum section - - would you please tell/show me how to move this discussion or copy and paste it?


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    I sent a message to moderator to facilitate its transfer to the eastern front ( house rules section).

  • I don’t know whether to say “Vot a Kopfschmerz” or “Danke Schon.”

    anyway, thanks!

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    I have some stuff to post, but i was hoping Craig Yoper ( another member here) might have got around to it by now.

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    No not that stuff. The real map i made for you…

    I would fix that link substituting the new maps and watch interest grow in your variant.

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    We must think of how it will benefit the community and keep this close to our thoughts. I really know many will love to see your upgraded materials.

  • Pacific map: sea-zone 31 looks bedlam, and where is sea zone 20 ? and why have two sea zones 22 ?

    Also all this national tokens clutter up the oceans, in some sea zones there are even two japanese tokens, one for convoy zone and another for kamikaze. The convoy zones from originale A&A Europe looks way better, and symbol of a red fighter in kamikaze-area is far better than this big token that occupie most of the sea zone.

  • Europe map look beautiful, one more + karma to IL

    IL, replace the pacific roundells with real convoy zones from Europe. Can you do me this, bitte ? Dann du bist einen kleine schnuppe  :lol:

    Also it should not be enough just to occupie a convoy zone with a sub. The sub must roll a die, and each eye is one less IPC, just as when bombers do SBR against factories.

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    yea sure give me a few days.

  • Wow! - If it ever downloads, I’m sure I’ll see a work of art, a true act of devotion.

    Thank you, oh Exalted Elbowmaster.

    from a humble acolyte…

  • Ah, I see “Imperious Leader” credit on map - - guess it’s a true joint venture.

    Nice teamwork, gregarious gamefiends!

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    Yes its made to specs according to Yoper. I support anybody who wants to make variants for AA and offer them to the community. Yoper has extensively playtested these games over the years so give them a chance. Support him.

  • @Imperious:

    I support anybody who wants to make variants for AA and offer them to the community.

    Danke, mein Herr. Now you can help me, use the Europe map, cut Norway in two territories and Finland in two territories. Then move the Sovjet convoy zone to the top of the map, since all attacks on this convoy happened in the narrow straight between Bear island and Northern most tip of Norway, and not close to UK where it was heavily protectet. Then I want mountains in Norway, Austria, Italy, Balkan, Caucasus and Iran/Persia and forest with snow in Finland, Karelia, Archangelsk and the territories north of Moscow. Also I want IPC values from the book of Harrison.

    Now can you do this for the Norwegian A&A Community ?
    Or must I ask, “how much ?”

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    I need to know what IPC values you want:

    list the maps territory and the proper IPC value

    Also need what new territory names you need, because i could make it north Quisling and south Quisling and you may not like that.

  • Norway is cut in two, the south is “Norway” and the north is “Nordland”, both with mountains. Finland is cut in two, the south part is “Finland” and the north is “Lappland”, both with forest in snow. Also I want UK as one territory, after all that small island is 250 000 square miles only, compared to Norway’s 350 000.

  • About the IPC values, I have some new ideas.

    Now Harrison’s book have the GDP (gross domestic production) numbers for each country during the war. In my idea, a nation may only use the GDP from its home territories. The GDP from conqured enemies are useless, because you cant put an enemy population into good use. But you can use the resources from from an occupied territory. And this is in fact what happened during the war. Of course not every territory got any value now, only the territories with big time resources like oil and iron ore got values, and the home territories.

    Lets take Germany as an example. Germany homeland got 12 IPC, because this is the historic GDP of this country. Germany historic got 50 % of its iron ore from Sweden, so lets give Northern Norway (Nordland territory) 4 IPC, and Germany got 70 % of its nickel from mines in Northern Finland, so lets give Lappland territory 4 IPC. Also Germany got 90 % of its oil from Ploesti fields in Rumenia, so lets give Rumenia 4 IPC. Now the other countries have no IPC value, they are worthless. If Germany conquer Balo-Russia, it gets no IPC gain, but if Germany conquer Caucasus it get 6 IPC from the Baku oil-fields. Can you dig it ?

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    Ok so thats the only changes then?

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