• This is a project to add AARHE support to TripleA.
    TripleA is an open-source game engine and axis and allies clone.
    AARHE is one of the most substantial house rules or variant for Axis and Allies and this will be a long road.



    version 0.2 requires latest tripleA repository code

    version 0.1

    version 0.2 xml changes

    *added Bosphorus canal
    *added VCs
    *infantry now built at VCs
    *added capacity of VCs
    *all other units built at ICs

    version 0.1 xml map changes

    *use <info name=“LHTR 4th Edition” version=“1.02”>as starting point
    *Balkans and Turkey now connected
    *cost to enter neutral territories set to 0 IPC
    *all neutral territories (except for Himalayas) now passable
    *added AARHE neutral territories’ income and units

    version 0.1 xml unit changes

    *destroyer cost changed to 12 IPC
    *battleship cost changed to 20 IPC
    *battleship changed to 2 hit by default
    *carrier changed to 2 hit by default
    *transport defense changed to 0
    *destroyer attack changed to 2 and defense changed to 2
    *carrrier defense changed to 1
    *carrier movement changed to 3
    *destroyer movement changed to 3
    *battleship no longer repair at end of round

    version 0.1 xml game sequence changes

    *moved collect income phase to start of turn
    *player starting IPC changed to 0
    *round sequence changed to all axis followed by all allies game sequence
    *round sequence has team member turns interlaced
    *first round sequence has Russians player first

    file changes (installation instructions)

    *copy TripleA\images\units*\carrier.png TripleA\images\units*\carrier_hit.png
    *new TripleA\images\units*\victoryCity.png
    *renamed images\Neutral\transport_.png as images\Neutral\transport.png</info>

  • I have started a feasibility test of adding AARHE support to TripleA.
    This is what I could do so far with version of the game engine.

    I’ll be attempting to contribute to the project with a goal of AARHE support.
    (eg. At the moment TripleA only allows one canal per sea zone. So the Bosphorus Canal can’t be added as sea zone 15 is already part of Suez Canal. I might look into that feature first thing.)

    Of course, this is only the tip of an iceberg. A lot more and more has to be done such as Combat. (Air units must retreat without land support. Air units can’t be hit by ground units.)

    Technologies, netural diplomacy, national advantages, and national victory might never make the scene.

    Fortunately game sequence is done without code changes. I thought this is quite significant to gameplay and should be fun.
    So today I release this as version 0.1.

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    Great idea . I have little knowledge in Triple A but i think you will need some heavyweights in computer programing.

    WE can use the icons for the pieces that we got or i can create some custom ones.

  • Yeah I am giving it a go since Java was the main programming language back in my Engineering Bachelor.

    Note you need to perform the version 0.1 file changes in order to try it out.
    Copy the xml file to the triplea/games folder where all the other xml files are.

    This project is a big call. 4th edition LHTR support has only been added a few months ago.

  • It is starting to take form. Can start to taste AARHE. Still a long way to go of course.

    version 0.2 xml changes

    *added Bosphorus canal
    *added VCs
    *infantry now built at VCs
    *added capacity of VCs
    *all other units built at ICs

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    ASAP post some picture of what it looks like or something?

  • Ok added some pictures at first post.
    Just looks like normal TripleA.

    You could make icons for me if you want.
    Then we can have different tanks/planes/etc pictures for each country.
    Someone is coding a skins manager. If you are interested I can give you more information.

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    OMG… You got to get rid of that map!!! its horrible… Is their any way to just use our map(S)?

  • yes you can have our own map

    this is the structure


    Check out this file to see the structure.

    They have a program called “polygon grabber” to make the polygons.txt.
    polygon.txt is a file full of pixel positions.

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    Can you just use the exact file then just move stuff around and plug things into the roller when combat occurs? That would make things easier for you… so basically the computer does nothing except calculate combat results. The players themselves move the pieces and send pictures back and forth.

  • I don’t know what you mean.
    TripleA is compelete and playable now. Last release was at end of last 2006.

    Its shoudn’t be too hard. I’ll check out the polygon grabber later.

  • by the way, its buggy at the moment

    *some units can move in both combat and non-combat

    *not landing friendly air units (which you can’t control) would render them destroyed
    (eg. Japanese planes in the axis collided “turn”)

    *you can SBR victory cities (which is not too bad since in AARHE SBR is not restricted to ICs)

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