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  • http://www.infoukes.com/history/ww2/page-29.html
    provides losses and losses as % of population. In excel I calculated these population

    Ukraine 41,884.82
    Germany 71,428.57
    Russia (RSFSR) * 199,344.83
    Poland 25,510.20
    Japan 69,117.65
    Yugoslavia 16,037.74
    France 40,000.00
    Italy 45,454.55
    Romania 13,513.51
    Greece 7,258.06
    Hungary 9,347.83
    Great Britain 50,000.00
    Czechoslovakia 11,333.33
    Austria 6,678.57
    USA 150,000.00
    Holland 8,750.00
    Finland 3,703.70
    Belgium 8,000.00
    Canada 10,500.00

    *Total USSR military loss in World War II was 8,668,400. (This does not include civilian loss.)


    Population and industrial capacity
    Population in 1939 Steel output in tons
    UK 47.961.000 13.192.000
    France 41.600.000 6.221.000
    USSR 190.000.000 18.800.000
    USA 132.122.000 51.380.000
    Germany 76.008.000 23.329.000                        (both including Austria)
    Italy 44.223.000 2.323.000
    Japan 71.400.000 5.811.000

    Population and industrial capacity by the British Empire Forces
    Population in 1939 Steel production in tons (1939)
    Canada 11.682.000 1.407.000
    South Africa 2.161.000 250 (both white)
    Australia 6.807.000 1.189.000
    New Zealand 1.585.000 –
    India 374.200.000 1.035.000
    The British Commonwealth and Empire possessed further resources for war. Canada and Australia had significant industries, and their populations, like those of New Zealand and white South Africa, were well-educated and physically and mentally capable of providing high-quality recruits. These 4 self-governing ‘dominions’ followed the British lead and declared war 1939.

  • What was your point? That Australia should also start with an IC?

  • Sorry I didn’t get around to analysis it yet.
    But posting the stats first from two sources.

  • More details (though still far from complete) are found at

    Using the following mapping:

    Australia Australia
    Romania Balkans
    Bulgaria Balkans
    Brazil Brazil
    China China
    Canada Eastern Canada + Westerm Canada
    Newfoundland Eastern Canada + Westerm Canada
    Poland Eastern Europe
    Lithuania Eastern Europe
    Latvia Eastern Europe
    French Indo-China French Indo-China
    Burma French Indo-China
    Thailand French Indo-China
    Malaya French Indo-China
    Singapore French Indo-China
    Austria Germany
    Czechoslovakia Germany
    Germany Germany
    Denmark Germany
    Luxembourg Germany
    India India
    Indonesia Indonesia
    Ethiopia Italian East Africa
    Japan Japan
    Korea Manchuria
    Mexico Mexico
    Mongolia Mongolia
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Finland Norway
    Norway Norway
    Iran Persia
    Iraq Persia
    Philippines Philippines
    Italy Southern Europe
    Yugoslavia Southern Europe
    Hungary Southern Europe
    Greece Southern Europe
    Albania Southern Europe
    Estonia Southern Europe
    Malta Southern Europe
    Portuguese Timor New Guinea
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    South Africa Union of South Africa
    United States US
    Soviet Union USSR
    France WesternEurope
    Netherlands WesternEurope
    Belgium WesternEurope
    Spain Spain

    I came to these populations for the game territories:

    Australia 7,000,000
    Balkans 26,200,000
    Brazil 41,500,000
    China 530,000,000
    Eastern Canada + Westerm Canada 11,600,000
    Eastern Europe 39,300,000
    French Indo-China 63,600,000
    Germany 95,700,000
    India 386,000,000
    East Indices, Borneo 70,500,000
    Italian East Africa 14,100,000
    Japan 72,000,000
    Manchuria 23,400,000 (Korea only)
    Mexico 19,800,000
    New Zealand 1,600,000
    Norway 6,600,000
    Persia 17,700,000
    Philippines 16,400,000
    Southern Europe 78,100,000
    New Guinea 500,000 (Portuguese Timor only)
    United Kingdom 47,800,000
    Union of South Africa 10,300,000 (only whitemen were recruited, better to use  2,161,000)
    US 132,000,000
    USSR 168,500,000
    Western Europe 58,800,000

    So for each power we are looking at:

    USSR 168,500,000
    Germany 304,700,000-
    UK 110,100,000 (excludes India, but only 1/4 million of 375 million recruited anyway)
    Japan 246,400,000- (excludes much of Manchuria’s population, but doubt they recruited many Chinese)
    US 193,300,000 (excludes Chinese forces, who caused 75% of Japanese Casualities but were defensive, shouldn’t be modelled as mobile infantry divisions, better modelled as a NA for US)

    USSR has powerful recruitment system. Effectively well ahead.
    Germany has huge numbers, but much are enemy civilians. But still well ahead.
    UK lacked numbers. Not much of India joined up. Only whitemen were recruited in South Africa. Below average.
    Japan, much are civilians of enemy colonies rather than enemy civilans, thus better than Germany’s case. Banzai patriotism also makes up for it. Average.
    US. Average.

    So instead of a flat 15 VCP per power I propose:

    USSR 18
    Germany 18
    UK 11
    Japan 15
    US 15

    Then we have distribution of VCPs to deal with:

    Japan needs to be highly concentrated in Japan.
    German needs to be highly concentrated in German and Southern Europe.
    A few low population territories such as those in the Pacific Islands shall receive 1 or 0 points.

    My propose new VCP distributions:

    Moscow (6)–Russia
    Stalingrad (4)–Caucasus
    Leningrad (3)–Karelia
    Novosibirsk (2)–Novosibirsk
    Archangel (1)–Archangel
    Almaty (1)–Kazakh
    Vladivostok (1)–Buryatia

    Berlin (6)–Germany
    Rome (5)–S. Europe
    Paris (2)–W. Europe
    Warsaw (2)–E. Europe
    Bucharest (2)–Balkans
    Kiev (1)–Ukraine
    Oslo (0)–Norway
    Kursk (0)–W. Russia

    UK: (after looking at population and deaths, many reductions are placed, and introduced Persia)
    London (5)–UK
    Toronto (2)–E. Canada
    Calcutta (1)–India
    Sydney (1)–Australia
    Cairo (0)—Anglo-Egypt
    Damascus (0)–Trans-Jordan
    Tehran (1)–Persia
    Cape Town (1)–South Africa

    Japan: (Japan can’t no longer easily recruit Chinese)
    Tokyo (6)—Japan
    Changchun (2)–Manchuria
    Shanghai (1)–Kwangtung
    Singapore (2)–French Indo-China
    Kuching (2)–Borneo
    Batavia (1)–East Indices
    Manila (1)—Philippines
    Guadalcanal (0)–Solomon Islands
    Milne Bay (0)–New Guinea

    Washington (5)–E. US
    Los Angeles (4)–W. US
    Chicago (2)–C. US
    Chongqing (2)–China
    Ãœrümqi (1)–Sinkiang
    Honolulu (0)–Hawaii
    Sao Paulo (1)–Brazil

  • I think having varying VCPs/nation isn’t worth the added complexity. With the even VCP system it is much easier to play the game without consulting some table. Players don’t want to have to consult tables, etc… I don’t have to consult a table for the 15 VCPs/ nation system… I instantly know where the VCs are and how many VCPs each are. Granted, I’m the one who came up with the system so it would be easier for me to memorize them, but I think others will also instantly remember where they all are after playing 2-3 games.

    I vote for the simpler, but probably less exact, even VCP system.

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    Lets keep phase one as it stands and look at things after the other two phases are done. A clearer idea of what direction we should travel will present itself to us depending on what other ideas we come up with. Just move forward with phase two stuff.

  • My ruleset probably won’t be available for a while anyway on account of how after tomorrow I won’t have access to a computer for a week. Let’s go with the phase 1 rules we already have written up and I’ll just eventually post what I’m currently writing up with under some other name to avoid confusion. I think the writeup we have already will probably end up going along better with phase 2 anyway. I just don’t want to abandon what I have since it has a ton of new ideas that I just came up with.

    I can’t wait to come back in a week to be completely overwhelmed by the number of new ideas everyone’s come up with.

  • @theduke:

    I don’t have to consult a table for the 15 VCPs/ nation system.

    Yes I agree that the current system is a bit easier to remember.
    But I think it don’t be easy to memorize 7 (5-3-2-2-1-1-1) cities/territory per nation anyway. I think we’ll still have plenty of table lookups.


    Lets keep phase one as it stands and look at things after the other two phases are done.


    Let’s go with the phase 1 rules we already have written up and I’ll just eventually post what I’m currently writing up with under some other name to avoid confusion.

    Ok I’ll finish off writing up the justifications and go build the phase 2 thread structure.

    We’ll include the new simpler infantry mobilisation rules anyway since all 3 of us said it was good.

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    Yes and make it all in table format right?

  • I’m probably going to win the award for most random question ever by asking this, but how many aircraft movement markers come with the game and how many are labeled 1, 2, 3, etc…?

    I don’t know the answer myself because I think I lost a few of them over the last couple years (probably because I don’t worry about keeping them on account of how they are worthless).  😛  I’m asking because I’m looking into making a change to the game that would utilize them for something else.

    Thanks for your help.

  • I have the 4th edition from Avalon Hill known as “revised”.

    There are 15 of those aircraft movement markers.

    4 x 1’s
    4 x 2’s
    3 x 3’s
    1 x 4’s
    1 x 5’s
    1 x 6’s
    1 x 7’s

  • Thank you tekkyy.

  • So here’s a question: with soviet xenophobia, coud the western allies attack german troops on soil that was originally russian at the start of the war (german controlled russian soil) without pissing off stalin or breaking some agreement?

    FYI- I’m still working on my writeup. When I starting writing it out I came up with a million new ideas so it keeps changing. I should have it posted in a week or 2.

  • It seems US and UK can’t move land units onto red territories as long as Moscow is controlled by USSR.

    By the way this might fit under Phase 2 National Victory Condition / Diplomacy thread.

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    Yep thats correct… but once Moscow is fallen its possible for western allies to move into Soviet territories because after all communism has fallen and Stalin is dead.

    see its quite simple rule

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