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    I accidentally deleted this thread… arrg… i was trying to move it to the varient section. I am very sorry :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

  • ahhh for F#($ sakes….

    Just kidding. I found the variant on Thrasher’s web site. It’s called Gamers Paradise expansion

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    AHHH i have expansion #3

    actually i own 50 copies of the map and only 2 copies of the actual complete rules w/box

    At least that clears it up.

    If you can post a few of the ideas for the new units…

  • German SS tanks and maybe the infantry defended at 3. Which was new back then.
    Japan had pillboxes that infantry defended at 3
    U.S. had marines that attacked at 3 amphibiously
    Britain had commando that attacked at 2 amphibiously

    Paratroopers could only be dropped on adjacent areas and had to be dropped by transport planes that needed to be purchased. I don’t remember how much they were.

    They had trucks you could but to move infantry along with your tanks 2 spaces. Again the price I don’t know.

    German sub were 6icps and had the attacking 3 wolfpack rule.

    All nations could buy destroyers, escorts and cruisers. Destroyers were 2-2 escorts were 1-2 or 1-3 depending on how many transports they were protecting. Cruiser were 3-3.  I think the DES and ESC were 8icps and cruisers were 12.
    You see transports had no defense. You had to buy escorts to protect them.
    Only escorts and destroyer could hunt/ for subs. No other unit could attack subs.
    Destroyers protected the surface navy.

    There were Hellcats and Zeros 8icps which were 3-3 only moved 3 spaces and could only land on carriers.

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    My god those people have the exact ideas that we have been using!!!

    Under AARHE we got those hellcat/zeros as naval fighters (llower values and can only land on carriers)

    In alot of my own games i have that infantry moves 2 with tank at 1/1 basis

    Cruisers at that price, destroyers at that price… except in some games i have cruisers at 2 hits… at 12 IPC they would have to be a one hit deal.

    marines the same but on the first round.

    Under AARHE we use that same system for paratroopers/transport except its 2 zones max away.

    Destroyer escorts and trannys done similiar to what i got.

    and CA and DD can only search/ attack subs.


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