Differences Between MB and AH Axis & Allies Pieces?

  • Hi,

    I’m just getting back into Axis & Allies and was wondering what differences there are between the old '80s MB and the new AH Axis & Allies games?

    As for the rules I can see the difference by downloading the .pdf but I’d like to get some more pieces for my old set and was wondering, do the new AH pieces match the old MB ones or if I should try to find another old MB set?

    I did pick up the new AH Pacific and Europe versions and noticed the different colours and shapes of pieces, does the new AH Axis & Allies game use pieces like (colours and shapes) these new ones in the Europe and Pacific games or like the old MB ones?



  • A&A pieces are still the same shape and colour.
    A&AE & A&AP were made different for more realism and to help keep the pieces separate if you dropped both boxes at the same time. 😛

    I guess there might be another reason, but I cannot think why! :roll: 😉

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