Will Infogrames ever fix and reissue A&A Iron Blitz?

  • If you want A&A Iron Blitz, you have to pay $80+ on eBay.

    All I really want is a computer version of A&A that has better AI than A&A 1.33.

    What are the chances of Infogrames assigning a lonely programmer to tweak the AI (it can’t be that hard, and we’d be able to provide suggestions) and reissue the game (if they knew how much it’s selling for on eBay maybe they’d know there’s still a market for this game).

    Does anyone know anyone at Infogrames?

  • The answere is no. Iron Shitz has been disbanded. It is virtualy unplayable online due to the horrific nature of the many bugs.
    Anyone who pays more than 2$ for this is getting jipped off imho. I feel sorry for anyone purchasing it on E-Bay, it is a pure scam.
    You may want to pick up a copy of TripleA next year, since a bug free Iron Blitz is planning to be distributed with it in a few months. And it’s FREE.

  • I’m sorry, what is “TripleA”?

  • Oops :oops: I guess I should have done a Google search first! Anyway, I found the following website: http://triplea.sourceforge.net/index.html

  • Ahh yes… In the next two months, we are planning an entire over-haul of the interface, etc. This will start near Dec 15’th or so…
    Currently Sean is coding a bidding system so ladder club play can use this for fair games.

  • U can get Iron Blitz for free here :


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